Dear Alf #16

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Hey Alf, what are the blue fish-like things the gabbits are eating at the beginning of Munch’s Oddysee? Could you tell me anything interesting about them?

Alf:  They are called Worryfish, and you have to be a slippery fella like them Gabbits to catch one. They enjoy swimming around in schools. I guess if I had to walk around with my school, I’d worry too.

Q: Ok I’ve just sent SoulStorm Brew to it’s demise, and I also (after my hand blisters stopped bleeding) saved 300 Muds from the slave life, after watching the ending sequence it is to my understandin’ that Abe should find out something about his mother when he is to meet Munch. The thing is I’ve also destroyed Vykker’s Lab and saved labor eggs and Gabbiar! I dont think I heard or saw any regards or significents to Abe’s old lady! Either it’s not there or I’m not payin attenion, so tell me, dude, whats up with that?

SUB QUESTION!!!: Since Abe’s Exoddus is a special bonus game, does that mean we still can look foward to 3 other games in the quintology? or just two?

Alf:  Once you find the eggs, you’re hot on the trail to where they came from. Sometimes the first clues can be pretty unspectacular, but they sometimes the most important. Hang in there, Buckaroo.

The powers that be may indeed give up 3 more games — but believe me, the Oddworld Universe is larger than maybe even three games can contain! No one can contain me, alone! I will not go! Oh no! Sorry, pal! Not going! Nuh-uh! I …. huh? What?

Oh. Ahem.

Yea, I dunno — let’s watch.

Q:  Hi all you Muds! I have a little question for Abe. How many years did you worked as a slave at RuptureFarms?

Alf:  I’ll answer for Abe. Way too many. He was trained since he was a little meddling Mudling to do the stuff at RuptureFarms, so it’s all been a bit of a blur.

Q:   How come scrabs are found in herds in Munch’s Oddysee and scrabs are supposed to REALLY HATE EACH OTHER (that’s what saves me in Abe’s Oddysee from these Slick creatures!! 🙂 ) 

Alf:   One on one, they can be confrontational. But in one big group, they tend to get along, and just go with the crowd. Y’know, like people in general.

Q:   Hi my name is Robert and I have been an Oddworld fan since Abe’s Oddysee. Can you tell me why Abe’s voice is different in Abe’s Exoddus to what it was in Abe’s Oddysee? I’m getting the XBox and Munch’s Oddysee in March when it is released here in Australia, but what voice will Abe have this time?

Alf:   Abe changes as the years go by, and it reflects in his voice. Eventually, it reflects in the mirror. That’s why I don’t have any, myself. Who needs to see your ponytail turning grey? Next question.

Q:   Can you tell me a cool thing about some creature of Oddworld that I don’t know about. Just telling ya I know a lot about Oddworld. I got every question right on an Oddworld Trivia. 

Alf:   I happen to love dancing.

Q:   I’ve seen a picture of these two hideous old looking Vykkers, (Not like they are all not hideous) but they are friggin’ ugly. They also always stand by facing their backs facing each other. They’re purple. They seem to be like the head Vykkers. Anyway, I would just like to know what their names are. 

Alf:   Their names are Humphrey (the scientist) and Irwin, his … friend. If they have friends. These guys are so ugly, they could scare the pants off of a Slig. I personally like it when they face away from me because then I don’t have to see their ugly mugs. Bleagh.

Q:   Hey Alf, I was wonderin’ which guy are you in A.E. I know you were one of the dudes who went with Abe on that journey, and then you got sick from brew, and Abe has to cure you yadayadayada. So are you the guy with the high pitched voice, or the guy with the throat that sounds like there is a frog in it, or whooo???? Which guy are you I need to know???? SEE YA WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA!:-) 

Alf:   I am the man. The A-number one man, the one, the only, the Alf. That’s who I am.

Q:  Why stick with Elum when you could have a cute slog ! Even though you claim that chicks dig Elum…I like Slogs so much beter! there Cute and…Cute and you just wanna hug em ! so why not trade in Elum and get a cute Sloggie…or one of those things…you know..there fuzzles but they look like rabbits with three eyes, what are they? anyways, thats all…so bye !

Alf:  The thingies you are referring to are Meeps, and perfectly huggable. Lemme tell you something: If you want to make it to old age with your face intact, you don’t wanna get friendly with a Slog! They make buzzsaws look cuddly. If you try to pet them, you’ll wind up feeding them. They are trouble with a capital “T”. Which brings me to my next question…

Q:   What exactly is your TEA made of?

Alf:  Goodness from nature, wholesomeness from the earth, and a sprig of springwater for that right touch of ‘liquid’.

And then sometimes I just grab a handful of leaves.

Q:   O Alf, I just played the Oddworld demo and when Abe climbed this long pillar thing he more or less walked up it. It looked like some cartoon. Why doesn’t he just climb regularly?

Alf:  I’ve tried to get him to climb, but, dag-nabbit, that fellow is just as shy about certain things as when I met him! If he doesn’t wanna climb, he ain’t gonna climb!

Q:   Hiyas Alf. Well done to your great success! I have a few questions: Why don’t the sligs all gang up on the glukkons, theres enough of them aren’t there?

Alf:  They would have to be able to be smart enough to band together- they’re not. Plus, the Glukkons keep all the power to the Slig’s pants. Good luck doing a revolution as a slug.

Q:   What’s Aslik the Vice-President of?

Alf:  Some blown-up part of Feeco Depot. I think the crispy section.

Q:   This one is from my friend. Why does Phleg look fat? (ridiculous question I know!). Also could you say hi to Phleg for my other friend who’s crazy about him! And say hi to Aslik for me, i think hes kinda cute.

Alf:  ‘Cause he is.