Dear Alf #18

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Hi! I am a huge Oddworld fan and I love the games too they are soooooooo cool! But I have a few questions here. Please answer!!! What is the next Oddworld game and will it come to XBox?

Alf: The next Oddworld game is going to be “Alf Alf Saves The Universe”, and it’s going to be starring yours truly, who runs around for an hour or so, instantly defeating anything I touch. Well, it was an idea I gave them—I haven’t heard back, but my hopes are high.

Q: Is there going to be any new characters in the new game?

Alf:  Oy vey, I hope so. I hate to keep running from the same Scrabs.

Q:  Is Mollock really dead? If he is alive will he come to a new Oddworld game?

Alf:  With these slimy types, you never know. I wouldn’t buy it unless I had him come up, shake my hand, and personally announce that he’s snuffed it. I wouldn’t turn my back on him, otherwise. KnowwhatImean? If he’s alive, how else would you know?

Q:   Are the sligs or whatever builded RuptureFarms build it up again?

Alf:   I think that those sneaky so-and-so’s would go and build something completely different and new, since the Rupture Farms design proved flawed and vulnerable. Why build the old place back up if all it’s going to do is blow up again? And kiddo, what’s with the ‘builded’? Didn’t you learnded nothing in school?

Q:   I’m a big fan of the Oddworld games and I’ve got a few questions. What type of animal do the glukkons put mechanical masks, pants and wigs on and call sligs?

Alf:   Uh… those would be Sligs, boyo. Even without the mechanics, it’s still a Slig. And what do you mean ‘wigs’? Did you see something I didn’t? I have yet to see a Slig cabaret.

Q:   Do you have star ships or something, so you can go to other planets? 

Alf:   Not just yet, but I have some tea that is absolutely out of this world! Care to buy some? I have a special deal: Buy one, and I’ll give it to you! Howzat?

Q:   How come the glukkons don’t just put anti-chant orbs everywhere?

Alf:  Time, money, laziness. Don’t say it too loud, they might just get an idea.

Q:  How come Abe seems to be the only Mudokon who can possess sligs, glukkons, etc?

Alf:  Well, Abe is who you currently run around as in the game-if you ran around as another Mudokon, maybe you would be able to use their powers. Also, let’s remember that he’s the leader and savior of the race. I think that entitles him to one or two powers, hen?

Q:   Hi Alf my names Robert and I have recently gotten Munch’s Oddysee. I noticed that when Abe or Munch drinks a can from a vend it has a SoulStorm Brew Lable on it! You couldn’t possibly tell me that Abe or Munch is chuggin’ down SoulStorm Brew to bring up their health or make them run faster or jump higher could you?

Alf:  No, I couldn’t. Ya got me there. But I would like to address something: What the heck is a “lable”? I’ve heard of Labels, and Ladels, and even some Ukeleles, but never a lable. Could you tell me what a lable is, if you’re able?

Q:   Hi, Alf, It’s me again!!! I just wanna ask you a question, (again). Recently, I looked at the front cover of Munch’s Oddysee. I don’t want to be rude, but Abe looks a bit different. I saw the marks on his hand, that’s obvious, the Paramite and Scrab marks from the Bigface. But I noticed a mark on his chest. Could you tell me a little about that please? If you could, that would be fantastic. (I will stay Odd)

Alf:  To get even with your Oddness, you’ve missed out on a whole section of the previous game! In Abe’s Exoddus, Abe was bestowed that big chest mark by the three weirdoes in Necrum. It gave him some wonderful powers, and that was the mark. What were you chugging Brew while that part of the game was playing?

Q:   Are there any new Sligs or animals? I quite like sligs. They’ve got Odditude!

Alf:  All the time! Our world is chocked full of goodness. Why we gotcha Meeches, your Fleeches, your star-bellied Vykkers… ahem… and you should be sure to stay abreast of all the animal kingdom of Odd by staying abreast of the game. That means go get it. Now. Check out the Universe section of this website too.

Q:   On your first game, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, there was a cheat, where you could look at any story that occured in the game. I preformed it and went on a story called Guardian Angel. You know, the one with the Shrink is talking to Abe. It was so cool, great job!!! But I was somewhat puzzled when the Shrink said, “You’ve gotta look within, if ya wanna be free!” Then you heard Abe cry for his life. What happened man?

Alf:  It scared him. A little. I mean, a big mechanical thing comes down out of the ceiling, then you would probably be frightened too. But since the old boy is still around, we can deduce that he’s doing just fine. That movie is actually a television commercial that was never seen.

Q:   I am an avid fan of Oddworld I own the first 2 games in the series and the replayability of the games is great I still play them all the time.

Here’s my beef though your company made the 3rd game in the series only for the XBox, now I already own a PlayStation, a PlayStation 2, a Dreamcast, and a Nintendo 64. So why should I the fan of Oddworld be expected to go out and pay another $300 for a new system when I have 4 perfectly good ones at home one of which this game series started on why can’t you release Munch’s Oddysee for PS2 as well instead of only on XBox that would make a lot of us happy I am sure of it.

Well that was my question are there any plans in the future for it to be released for PS2.

Alf:  Beef? Your beef is nothing but bouill-ion! You’ve already shelled out an un-oddly amount of moolah on four different consoles… what’s one more? Make your collection complete with an Xbox! Wow. Four systems… you lucky gluk… uh I mean… duck….

Oh, and for the millionth time: The next four Oddworld games will be exclusively for the Xbox.

Q:   How did Dripik lose his eye? And do you delete all the questions that don’t get screened or do you keep them all in a big Word file for posterity?

Alf:  The Muds down at the home office keep all the questions in a big pile. I only get the ones that are dropped off monthly. As far as Dripik losing his eye, I don’t think he lost an eye; he’s just too stupid to realize he put the patch thing on.

Q:   I have a question. I’ve enjoyed all three games so far, but in Munch’s Oddysee, I noticed something strange about Abe. His eyes seem to glow in the dark, and I’m sure I didn’t see this in the previous games. Since you’re his friend, could you tell me if they have always been like that? Or did something happen to him?

Alf:  He got a lot of tattoos, and a lot of powers… I think he may be having more of the usual healthy little glow we all have. I mean, he is the big Kahuna here on Oddworld. I guess it helps him see in the dark.

Q:   Hiya Alf!

I’ve been a fan of Oddworld for a while, and have been writing a few questions too. From now on, I’m gonna call myself Oddguy, don’t ask why I just am. I’ll give myself a made up name so you can know which questions I write.

Anyway, I think those stupid glukkons should do some of the work, and not just have the sligs do it for them while they sit on their big but. I think there should be a flying Gluk, or something. A glukkon could be in a flying harness like a flying slig and hold a gun or something. That would be cool.

Anyway I played and beat Munch’s Oddysee, and I want to know what to expect in the next game. I heard it’s called The Hand of Odd or something. If you can’t give me info on that then please tell me how the industrialists took over the Mudokon and gabbit’s lives. I heard that Mudokons used to be the most powerful creatures on Oddworld. Then the Glukkons took over. How? I want to hear the whole story in the beginning.

An answer to both of my questions would be nice hehe.

Bye, Oddguy

Alf:  Glukkons are the ones in power—that’s why they get to sit around. I would say the Sligs should rise up and overthrow them myself, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards, since the Sligs are as dumb as a bag of hair.

The scumbag Glukkons came into power, because they didn’t care WHO they stepped on or WHAT they ruined to get there. Once you throw all your own personal motives out there first, you wind up being a bad man, like these Glukkon clowns! I say we put them all on a sligshot to Oddworld’s moon…

Also, the whole first game is based on the Glukkons taking power, maybe you should give it a whirl first, and see if that answers any of your questions. You can read about the history of Oddworld at

Q:   Hey Alf I have some questions for you. I would really like you answer them because it would be annoying for both of us if I had to send this to you over and over again until you finally gave me an answer. Why doesn’t your section in the Oddworld Universe have as much information as Abe’s or Munch’s. You are just as interesting as both of them combined?

Alf:  Sigh. I keep tellin’ ’em at Oddworld about having an all-Alf game, see above. Still waiting for that call back, y’all! I did make an appearance in the new UYI video. Check out the images on top of this page. Thanks for your support!

Q:   What are the names of the other continents on Oddworld (as of now I only have heard of the one you live on, Mudos).

Alf:  Eh… so far, that’s all I know myself. I don’t travel much, and I’m not quite the jumper I once was. I used to be able to run around the house a couple of times and not even be tired! Of course, that’s when I was usually being chased by something…

Q:   Have you ever eaten a Mudokon Pop? If so, what does your species taste like?

Alf:  Aw, c’mon. Did you ever have a people-steak? BLEAGH!

Q:   I just wanted to ask u a few questions , firstly I was wondering why the creatures in Munch’s Oddysee have become more humanized. the glukkons talk like gangsters and the paramites like pigs and the scrabs don’t have their infamous shrieks like they used to in the previous games. I thought the creatures of Oddworld were supposed to be nothing like the things on earth? . I mean they look nothing like creatures here but they sound like things from earth. can u tell me why??

Alf:  There are plenty of creatures that don’t speak or make sense, but it varies from adventure to adventure. I have yet to hear a fuzzle make sense, or a fleech to give a speech! Hey, that’s pretty good: To hear a Fleech give a speech. Kinda like the earlier one fish two fish thing. Maybe a got a knack for this kinda thing…

Q:   What can you tell me about the queens Sam, Maggie and Skillya?

Alf:  They are indeed queens of different species in Oddworld. We’ve heard about them and seen images of them. Their stories have not been told … yet. Remember Oddworld is a big place!

Q:   Also do u have any information on the mudokon mother?? According to all the info on some web sites and the Abe’s Exoddus game she was supposed to make an appearance in Munch’s Oddysee but there was no sign of her or the shrink?!

are any females of the respective species i.e. glukkons, vykkers etc going to be shown in future games??

how come you didn’t make an appearance in Munch’s Oddysee, Alf??

also do u have any information on what a sea rex is??

and what a chronicler is??

is the planet Abe and the rest of them live on called Oddworld or is there another name for it??

finally do u have any info on the next game or is another bonus game likely?? There have been rumors about it being called Squeek’s Oddysee, is this true??

Alf: Whoa, whoa WHOA! Too much at once! These questions were asked before and the answer is the same: We can’t reveal all the characters in every game. The world is a large place here on Oddworld, and the point isn’t to show you everyone in one game, but to have different adventures that give a little here, a little there. If we show you all the same characters every game, well, then it’s not really a new adventure, is it? We dole out the fun, equally each game, and some characters change and evolve, others are new, and others have yet to be revealed. The planet is Oddworld and we live in the continent of Mudos. Stay tuned for the fun!

Well, that’s all the news fit to print, I’m Alf and I’m out!