Dear Alf #31

You ask for it, Alf sort of sends this thing that vaguely resembles a reply and almost never directly relates to an answer … But that’s why we love him. Take a gamble and send your questions to the old Alfster… you might get a reply! Just remember that the odds are always with the house, or in this case, the rehab!

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:   Not to bother you again. I was curious… is this one person, or a thing where a bunch of people use one name and answer the overabundance of fans who have pointless questions. (Chuckles), sorry. Um, thanks for your advice. So how did you get into this job? Oh, and could you, er….will you send information on the new oddworld game? I missed the sneek peek on the discovery channel. I love oddworld games. They are so original and mindblowing. It would be cool to meet the creator, and tell him how awesome he is, and that there are a lot of kids in Troy, Illinois who love these games, and cannot wait for the next installments. Anyhoo, any pics that you can send, and info would be much appreciated! Thanks again! Love and light! —Randy

Alf:  Randy, please my friend, bother away! It is merely I, the Alfster, knower of little, teller of less. How did I get this job you ask? Well, it all started with me and Abe in the desert. If you want to know more, study your games! Thanks for the love and light, but I can’t tell you anything about the next game. I have to leave you in the dark on that one. Har har.

Q: Greetings, Mr. Alf!! How odd are you?? Some days ago i read the answers and questions of “Dear Alf” section and suddenly the inspiration came to me!! You probably know what is to come, heheheh.

Would you mind answering the questions that are corroding my human little brain????????????? ó.ò

Would you refuse to do it before these big “starving-Mudokon-like” eyes???????????????????????? Ó.Ò

hehehehe Ok, before you say anything, the real question are:

(6) Why the native mudokons that appear in oddworld first games were exactly equal to Abe and not full of feathers, paitings on their skin and things like that?? Were the natives of abe’s oddysee and exoddus actually the mudokons abe saved??????

Well, thanks for your attention, Mr. Alf. I promise you that when I formulate new questions, you’ll be the first one to know it, heheheheheheheheheheh.

Have a nice day!!


—Petit (Yes, I am female )

Alf: Hey there chuckles, Sorry about deleting your first five questions, but at Alf’s Rehab, Alf’s the only one who gets to be excessive. Them’s the rules. So, #6: Mudos is populated by a whole slew of native Mudokons, all of different tribal background and heritage, each with their own unique customs and manner of dress and uh, makeup. The entire Mudokon race is indebted to Abe for his actions.

Q:  is there going to be any new characters in the new game??? …(“-“)

Alf:  Yup, new game = new characters. Woohoo!

Q:  Hey Alf, I was wondering who it is who does all that wacky Oddworld art? Could it be just the “production designer” Farzad Varahramyan (yes! I spelled it right!). Or is it the “game designers?” I don’t know, do you?

Alf:  Well, you’re a good speller, but your info is a little watered down. Over the years Oddworld has employed many talented art-folk.

Right now we have a team of three production designers: Raymond Swanland, Silvio Aebischer, and Gautam Babbar. They are all super talented, each in their own right and are slaving away, pencil in hand, right at this very moment to keep the art flowing.

Now, the Game Designers are equally as talented, but they do something entirely different! They plan out the logistics of the game, make it fun and functional, and although they may be closet artists, that’s not the talent we harvest from their bountiful minds. At least not yet…..

Q:   Hi Alf I have a couple of questions. 1. in the upcoming game do you play as abe or is he out of the storie. 2. Also does the latest game still have the same type of gameplay.

Alf: Uh, no, no, and sorta but not really.

Q: Alf I have three Questions

1.Are you guys making a game called Hand On Odd which is a online multi player game if so can you give me the date it comes out?

2.What would you give Munchies Oddseey for the X-Box.

3.I dont have an X-box is there a default in them.

Alf:   Hand on Odd. Heeheeeheee! No. There are rumors about Hand of Odd, but we’re not working on that right now.Your second question, quite frankly, confuses me. I guess if you were talking about a score of 1 through 10, I would have to say a 7. After all, I’m not in it- how good could it possibly be? And yeah, there are a lot of defaults in the Xbox, but then, consumers have their defaults, too, right?

Your second question, quite frankly, confuses me. I guess if you were talking about a score of 1 through 10, I would have to say a 7. After all, I’m not in it—how good could it possibly be?

And yeah, there are a lot of defaults in the Xbox, but then, consumers have their defaults, too, right?

Q:   Dear Alf dude, Thanx for posting my question a few months ago! But here comes another one: All these inhabitants like Skillya, Sam, Chronicler, Accountants, meeches, etc. seem to be known by everyone except me! Where can I find pictures, info and stuff about them so I’m not behind everyone else anymore? —Raven

Alf:   Well Raven, I am glad you asked! Just flap, flap, flap your little wings on over to the Universe section of and you’ll be schooled properly on all the necessary Oddworld characters.

Q:   HI! I love your games,I have Abe odyssée and Abe exoddus at home,in Abe odyssée,I am escape 77 Mudokons and in Abe exoddus escape 339 Mudokons. I love Abe becose, the fart and in my family the farts is a tradition.Ok that`s it.Oh! Wait.Please tell Abe for me:Good luck Abe for the next adventure on Oddworld!!!!!!!

Alf:   Hm. Wow. That is just way, way too much information.

Q:   I was just reading the article in gameinformer magazine about the next oddworld coming out. And all I’m wondering is why? Is Abe going to be in the game at all. He has been the star of the past three games, well sharing the role with munch. Please give a more in-depth explanation if at all possible. A concerned gamer —Erik

Alf:  Dear Erik the Concerned, Don’t be concerned, dude. Abe is just worn out and needs a rest. And aren’t you just the least bit interested in what other characters inhabit Mudos? I know I am. I mean, it’s foolish to think that Mudokons are the only species out there, right? We can’t be the only ones………..

Q:   Hello, Alf! I’m Eduardo, and I am Brazilian, so, if you can read this, tell me, and I will send more questions. Will you guys release one RPG game of Oddworld some day? I love RPGs, and it would be very good to see Abe, Monch and all of those folks in one RPG game. Eduardo

Alf:   Hello Eduardo! An Oddworld RPG? I wouldn’t rule it out, but we definitely aren’t working on it at the moment. The focus right now is on that Stranger you saw on the Discovery Channel.

Q: “Dear Alf, As much as I love Munch’s Oddysee so far, I find myself missing the old 2D gameplay of the first 2 games. Has the idea of making a 3d oddworld game on a 2d track (a’ la Contra: Shattered Soldier or Duke Nukem Manhattan Project) been kicked around at all? I felt that the main reason that I liked the first 2 Oddworld games were that they were beautifully done 2d games in an era where the industry was moving into 3d, they kind of showed that 2d still has it’s place in the industry. And now with Oddworld and Castlevania as well going 3d I’m wondering if 2d is actually heading out to pasture for good. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this. Oh, and regardless of my preferences for gameplay I just wanted to congratulate the folks over at Oddworld Inhabitants for creating a world with so muchh beauty and depth. Thanks again, Kenny

Alf:  Well first of all, thank ya from all the Inhabitants! That is a huge compliment. As much as we all love the first two 2D games, (you aren’t the first to point it out), the background of the founders of Oddworld is steeped in 3D tradition. Sherry and Lorne both come from the 3D effects industry, and are always looking for new challenges and ways of expressing the Oddworld story. So the goal is to eventually move into 4D and 5D, where in real time is actually REAL TIME, and you can actually taste and smell everything, creating the first-ever, fully functional immersive video game experience. Oh, and did I mention that I don’t play games? So I don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. But wouldn’t that be sweet! Possibly even sour……

Q:   Hey Alf, I’m thinking of getting Xbox Live and I was wondering whether the next Oddworld Title will support it. If it’s still undecided or under-wraps, that’s fine. Anyway, thanks for your time. SLIGcatcher

Alf:  Uh, I choose B.

Q:   Good tidings to you Alf old bean! now i have to admit i was a bit slow off the mark getting Munches Oddysee….and i love it…but!….i finished it in under a week!…dude whats goin on! the first 2 games i was stuck on for weeks on end…but i love how theres more then 2 ways to solve the puzzles…that fact i like muchly..gimme something to sink my teeth into man!!! just 1 more question tho……..Do the sligs have a Workers Union? —Dom

Alf:  Wow, I’ve never been referred to as a bean. I feel kind of, well, pretty and cute, and sproutish. Unlike those dirty, rotten Sligs. Union? Puhleaze. The closest sligs will ever get to anything resembling a union is their relationship with their pants.

Q:   Hi Alf, my name is Alex and i´m from germany. So, my english isn´t the best! 😉 Question: How was the graphic in the three games made? I mean, is it “2D-Pixel-Art” or 3D-Rendering? Or a combination? Best wishes, Alexander.

Alf:  Well, the first two games, Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus were 2D side-scrolling platformers, and Munch Oddysee was a 3D platformer.

Q:   Dear Alf I have one question in the last level of Munch’s Oddysee when you had to fight all of those armored Sawbones with the Mudarchers were those elums on the table with there head cut off or some new odd creature that we havent seen yet please write back and thanks for your time your odd little friend, Cody

Alf:  Yeah, you’d think having a flatulent rider on your back all day would be the worst, but sadly, most Elums endure a fate far less enjoyable.

Q:   Hi Alf, I’m a german Oddworld fan, and I Love Oddworld, so I have some questins for you (don’t lought my english was bad): “Are we meet Abe or Munch in the next game?” (I’m sorry, when an other Asks it, too…) “Are the next game on an other Continent of Oddworld?” “Are you make an Oddworld Movie?” Thank you verry much by
Oddys (13 jears)

Alf: Oddys, Don’t be ridiculous, your English is far better than most Americans’! Honestly, I don’t know for sure yet if Abe or Munch will be in the next game. I do know that it will take place here in Mudos, though. And yes, we hope to one day make an Oddworld movie. For the love of ODD pleeeeeease make that movie soon, people! Oooops, did I actually write that? I’m a little anxious, that’s all.

Q:   hi alf ElSsAceCon here thanx for replyin the munchies are helpin us find the mudokon’s ive got 3 questions once again about the real mudokons:

1. if mudokons could choose to be any animal on earth what would you be and why?

2. does big face ever tire of wearing that mask all day and does he ever take it off?

3. final question: sligs are evil but when we were chased by one he tripped are they ever clumsy on oddworld?

thanx alf, ElSsAceCon xxxx

Alf: EISlongobscurenamedontfeelliketypingitalldangit, If I could be any animal on Earth it would be a Bulldog, where I could lounge at my master’s feet on a soft pillow of tartan plaid and sup the finest Earl Grey from a gold-rimmed puppy bowl and be referred to as “such a good lad”.

Regarding Big face: he wears the mask as religiously as the wife of a tv evangelist, my dears.

On the clumsiness of sligs: you’d trip too if you had to learn to walk (let alone run) in metal trousers!

Q:   Dear Aunty Slig, oh, I mean Alf how ya’ doin’? its me againy Stephen French! mind if I might ask?………

1.I now know that you will be doing Hand of Odd and Squeak’s or should I say? Steef’s Oddysee, but what about Munch’s Exoddus? cos’ we need another Exoddus man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( the fourth game will Abe and his good old friend Munch be in it? cos’ if their not it won’t be the same:(

3.who is the almighty leader of Magog Cartel? is it th prezoomed dead Molluk? or is it the Gluk’s queen?

4.why do you push Abe around all the time? do you do it for pleasure? or is it reverse phicolagey?(ya’ know instead of being kind your nasty but you mean it with kindness. cos’ if you are its not working!)

bye sucker, opps ,I mean bye wise one!

Alf:  Dear Foolish Mortal, oh, I mean foolish fan, oh, I mean best buddy, oh… nevermind. Something about your mail utterly intrigued me. Prezoomed. Presumably, it means to zoom beforehand, to zoom ahead of time, which is a paradox, because zooming ahead would mean to move forward, but can you actually go forward in a pre-zoom state? I am utterly stumped at this abstract concept, so much so that I cannot continue with the laborious task of answering any more questions, including the ones in your mail….

Now it’s off to think and drink……………..

tea of course…………