Dear Alf #32

You ask for it, Alf sort of sends this thing that vaguely resembles a reply and almost never directly relates to an answer … But that’s why we love him. Take a gamble and send your questions to the old Alfster… you might get a reply! Just remember that the odds are always with the house, or in this case, the rehab!

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  I know this is a bit overdue but I finally got an XBox and MO yesterday. Before I was a PS2 fan but XBox is seriously miles better! To be honest I wasn’t expecting much of Munch’s Oddysee but I was blown away! It’s brilliant. The standard is right up there and I can honestly say it’s my new favourite Oddworld game. The levels are well done and the character interaction / gamespeak is incredible. I haven’t finished it yet but I am thouroughly enjoying it! Well done Oddworld and good luck with Steef. I am really impressed with Munch! —Drew the Slig

Alf:  Drew, You are such a nice Slig. What is wrong with all the other sligs? Why can’t more sligs be more like you? Have I told you lately that I love you? Ooops, sorry, that’s the tea talkin, ma boy.

Q: hi i am a first player of the oddworld games… i have recently bought munch’s oddyessy and am very pleased with what i see on the xbox, which got me thinking why arent the other games on this platform??? why would u switch consoles? this puzzling question is bigging me, because i wold really like to play the previous two so that i truly know the story of ABE. if u could shed some light onto this question of mine id be very happy ~thanks, Andrew

Alf:  Andrew, I’m so glad that you are enjoying the games! And you want to play the other games on Xbox? This is the most refreshing thing I have heard of since Mango Iced Tea! It would be great to move AO and AE over to Xbox. Of course, that would be enough work for an entire development team and would probably take a few years… If we did it the fans might get angry at us for not moving forward, after all, we are but a tiny little development studio… but if MICROSOFT did it… hmmmmm…

Q: Is there any chance that one day Oddworld will produce a game, in which, there is a time of peace that allows players to further explore the immense environments only partly explored in the previous games? I find myself wanting to know more about Oddworld and would very much like to explore it in depth. This is, of course, just a fan based idea and I know not how well it would sell in the international market. Well, thank-you for your time, congratulations on your amazing concept and I hope to see Abe and the gang again soon. Your devoted, loyal fan; A. Scott

Alf:  I am so pleased to hear how much you enjoy Oddworld and our environments. Peace and exploring, um, sounds like a wonderful idea but seems like it would make for really boring gameplay. However, the powers that be at Oddworld do want you to be able to explore and get to know Oddworld better. What form that exploration takes could be a number of things. A game, or ????? We shall just have to wait and see. In the meantime, it is good to know that true blueish-greenish folk such as yourself are excited about the future of Oddworld!

Q:  Alf, Firstly, I hope you know just how HARD it is to find the address for Dear Alf. Little did I know that all I needed to do was find a little bar at the top of the screen in the archives or FAQs with the little words on it: Contact info. I’ll have you know that took ages to find! Next, I have some questions:

1. Did you purposely put contact info there to make it hard to find

Alf:  Ha! If you thought finding the email was hard you should try getting a straight answer from me!

2:   I’ve heard about the reason that you cut Abe’s finger off, but how did you get that dismal digit off the moon?

Alf:  Fans that ask too many questions. And shovels. Lots and lots of shovels.

3: Why do the makers of all the facilities in AO and AE put so many pitfalls and traps for their slav- ahem, employees to get killed in.

Alf:   Well, if an employee is already injured or worse, it is much easier for them to “become one with the product” IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN WINK WINK.

Q:   Dear Alf, Is true that Abe or Munch is somehow related to the Steef species?

Alf:   Well we’re all brothers and sisters in Odd, right?

Q:   I read the opening page (last month) and it sounded as if the company was shutting down or something. Can you let me know if thats what is happening? Maybe I’m just reading it wrong but it sounded like something is wrong. Thanks for your time. —Chris

Alf:   Chris, Let’s just say that if I read the fan mail the way you read the website, uh, well, actually things wouldn’t be that different.

Q:   Dear Alf, I’ve noticed that in Munch’s Oddysee that there are labels for Soul Storm Brew on the vending cans. What’s with that? —The Ultimate Munch Fan, Ann

Alf:   I asked around and even though SS brewery was destroyed the brew was warehoused offsite and is in plentiful supply.