Dear Alf #36

You ask for it, Alf sort of sends this thing that vaguely resembles a reply and almost never directly relates to an answer … But that’s why we love him. Take a gamble and send your questions to the old Alfster… you might get a reply! Just remember that the odds are always with the house, or in this case, the rehab!

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Dear Alf What is a meetle? Coz you mentioned one before.

Alf:  A Meetle is a huge, roundish, hard-shelled creature with four deadpan eyes. They sure are cute as larvae, but they grow up to be rather, well, more for function than fashion lets say.

Q: Hi Alf.It’s Brad.I have a few things to ask you. If Abe and Munch are friends,then how come the fuzles growl at Abe and how come the Muds laugh at Munch?

Alf:  Fuzzles are a lot like little dogs, in that they will choose an individual to bond with. They are capable of bonding with others, but this alpha figure in their lives becomes the primary source of attachment. Since Munch is the one who rescued them, they feel particularly close and downright protective of him. Some who don’t know better may even see Abe as a threat, just because he is different from Munch.

 Q: Are muds primitive?

Alf:  There are many different groups of muds. Most of us that you’ve met so far would be considered primitive by definition. Of course, I myself am HIGHLY evolved, but I, of course, am the EXCEPTION due to my tremendous tea making abilities. Now I will impart on you a secret. I have always sensed that there are parts of Mudos that you and I have never been to where muds of all kinds have reached varying heights of civilization!

Q:  It’s obvious we’re going to discover quite a few new races and places during our upcoming adventures with “Stranger” the Steef, but will we discover anything new about those already introduced? Will we learn more of the Mudokon plight? The Slig Queen? The social order of Scrabs? The business practices of Vykkers? The fashion sense of Glukkons? The success of your teas? Or, do Stranger’s travels take the viewer far from all these familiar Oddworld sights, into purely uncharted territory? —Alex

PS: Is there a central diety in the Mudokon faith, or does your race revere nature itself?

Alf:  I think that you will learn much about new species, and a little bit more about the species you have come to know and loathe. This game will give you insight into the hierarchy of the no-good-do-ers. The setting is still in Mudos, but you will see parts of it that you never knew existed.

And frankly, I am a bit put off that you have the nerve to attempt a discussion on religion in mixed company! How dare ye!

Q:   Ever since I finished Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee the second time this question has been bugging me … or couple o’ questions … whatever. Why is Munch’s moon upside down? I mean all Abe has to do is put his hand up to his moon to line it up while Munch has to flop on his stomach and brake his neck to try and match it up if he’s not dead first. What do you have against the little guy? Unless … his foot was on backwards and I just didn’t notice. I guess Munch’s moon makes up for it for being bigger than Abe’s. Sorry if you find this e-mail offensive in anyway even though I may have offened you hundreds of times by now. – Fuzzle

Alf:  Howdy Fuzzle. You’ve never seen this, but when he is feeling frisky, Munch will often lay on his tummy, little flippity foot up in the air, and crane his neck around to see the print line up with the proper appendage. Quite adorable really. And I wasn’t offended until you assumed that I would be! The nerve!

Q: Dear Alf (red/alfa) I’m a recent fan of Oddworld (It is currently my second favorite of all time) and I have five questions, the first of which is considerably more important than the other four.

I recently beat Abe’s Oddysse for the first time (I said I was new). Through a weird computer fluke of some kind, I managed to do it with 100 mudokons. I had been lead to believe that, if I had saved all of them, I would get a special movie with the Shrink in it. Judging by your website, the Shrink looks fairly cool, and I hope he appears in future games. I did not recieve this movie. I got the special movie menu, but no bonus movie. At first, I thought “Maybe if I only save 99, I’ll get it.” That didn’t work either. Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

Alf:  What you are doing wrong is looking for the shrink … he’s not in any of the games or movies. The clip you are referring to is a commercial that was never broadcasted. This is what happens when people (or appliances, or whatever) come to the rehab and act all shrinkety-dinkety!

Q:   Will OWI never create anything but Oddworld Games? Just curious.

Alf:   We only create games from Oddworld. I think. Your wiley verbiage is throwing me off. I can’t be held accountable for other peoples whack-glish.

Q:   I heard there is a Abe’s Exoddus (which I haven’t played yet) movie (something about short movie showing. Nominated for Academy award. I’ve seen movie posters, so I know it exists somewhere. But I have had no luck in tracking it down at all. If you could help me at all, I would be very thankful.

Alf:   Yes, an animated short was submitted for consideration to the Academy Awards, and was shown in a theatre in order to do so. Unfortunately, I cannot help you track it down. As far as I know, the only copy is tucked safely under the cushion of my recliner. I’d lend it to you but it’s all warm and covered in crumbs!

Q:   Will Munch’s Oddysse ever be for a pc computer? I don’t have an Xbox.

Alf:  Nope!

Q:   Will Hand of Odd be for Computer?… Please … Well, thank you for your time. Keep on being Odd. —Andrew

Alf:   Neeeooowwwellluhahhaaaaaauhm, we’re not even in production for OHOO. How am I supposed to answer that????

Q:   In AO and AE, Abe’s eyes are white, but in MO, his eyes are yellow. What happened two him?

Alf:   After all the brew was gone, ol’ Abey switched to lem-odd-aide. He drank gallons and gallons of the stuff. Turned his eyes a freakish shade of yellow! Now he has to use those special strips to try and whiten them again. Well, at least that’s the way I heard it!

Q:   In Abe’s Exoddus at the end, Abe says he would save the green Muds, but We never played as Abe saving them, so has Abe rescued them without us? —levihydra10009

Alf:   Sure.

Q:   Did Munch ever handle all those baby Gabbits?

Alf:   I think he is still looking for a can opener.

Q:   At the End of MO, The fuzzles destroy Vykkers Labs. Were the Fuzzles destroyed, and were Tex and Lulu destroyed (Cos I like Tex) —Stay Odd, Nathan.

Alf:   Fuzzles are virtually indestructible, though if necessary they’d certainly give their furry, fangy little lives for the greater good. The problem is, they all kinda look alike, and the fuzzle-to-English translater is still on sabbatical, so we haven’t really been able to ask around and see who made it out yet.

As for Tex and Lulu, well, you know the problem with synthetic textiles is that they tend to heat up pretty quick. I doubt they made it. If they did, I bet they’d have permanent sparkle melded to their greedy bodies!

Q:  Will the Whole quintology be on Mudos? After the quintology is finished, will future quintologies still have stuff to reveal on Mudos or will they move on to the other continents.

Alf:   Yes, I believe so, but Oddworld is a big planet. I don’t know about future quintologies. That is pretty far off yet!

Q:   Do you know of any different breeds of slogs?

Alf:   Why yes, there are several. Are you ready? There is the Hot Slog, the Bird Slog, the Muddish Setter, the Hound Slog, and of course the Snoop Sloggy.

Q:   What do BigFace and the Almighty Raisin think of each other?

Alf:  Well I asked them for you. Almighty Raisin thinks Bigface is a little-faced mud-fink. Bigface thinks Raisin is an almighty windbag with a sleeping disorder and a pound of denial in every wrinkle. Bottom line is that respect each other.

Q:   How much wood could a woodchuck chuck could chuck wood?

Alf:   You mean IF a woodchuck could chuck wood? I think it’s highly unlikely, but FOUR.

Q:   Will Crig the slig ever appear in a game? (or has he already?) – From Tomohawk

Alf:   Yes. Crig the Slig appeared in AO and AE. You’d be surprised – he’s awfully shy. He currently is a field reporter for the Daily Deception.