Dear Alf #5

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Can Munch talk and if so will it be the same as Abe?

Alf: Munch speaks, he is a simpler creature than Abe, and his speech is simpler, as well.

Q: I was wondering, since Munch is the last of his species, how will he reproduce without others of his species? Does he even need another Gabbit to reproduce? Is he a hermaphrodite or something? 

Alf: One word: Gabbiar!

Q: Are there going to be any babies in Oddworld Munch’s Oddysee like baby elums, scrabs, paramites or any other babies? 

Alf: Not in Munch’s Oddysee, but various Oddworld grubs may feature in future games.

Q: Can you in Munch’s Oddysee morph into the sligs , scrabs ,… like in Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus ? 

Alf: If by “morph” you mean “possess”, then yes. If by “morph” you mean “change into the Shyrkull,” then maybe. If by “morph” you mean “Murph,” the guy who works at the filling station, then I can’t help you.

Q: Are there females of your kind? Please answer the questions and keep up the good work and keep it ODD 😉

Alf: Our Queens are female.

Q: You still haven’t replied to my last message and I’m getting a little pissed off. I live in Sydney, Australia and I’m wondering when Munch’s Oddysee will be released here. Could you tell me?

Alf: Sorry mate! I’m doing my best to find out for you but we just don’t know yet. Don’t look for Munch to be in the Outback until 2002. When they tell me, I’ll let ya know. G’day!

Q: Did Oddworld Inhabitants create an Oddworld movie yet? If someone can please send information if you can. I am obsessed with Oddworld. and I think that Oddworld Inhabitants should make a movie. tell me what website I could by the movie at if possible. it would make my dreams come true.

Alf: A theatrical short subject was composed by drawing images from Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus and connecting them together with some original bridging material. The film was screened for a short time in October 1998, Los Angeles, California. It may or may not be made available through other venues in the future.

Q: How Do Paramites, Scrabs, and fleeches see? They all don’t have Eyes.

Alf: There are alternative means of “seeing”, echolocation, for one. Plus, just because you can’t see a set of eyes doesn’t mean they aren’t there, somewhere …

Q: Are there poor Glukkons?

Alf: There are quite a few disgraced Glukkons who have gone for broke and leveraged themselves into poverty É most have the dignity to do away with themselves, but there are a sad few who hang on at the bottom of the corporate ladder, a disgrace to their betters and a target of derision for the masses.

Q: Who are Interns?

Alf: Surgically prevented from whistling while they work, Interns are finger-pointing finks who enforce Vykker regulations with a song in their heart and a pill on their lips. When not pilfering from medicine cabinets, these sleep-deprived, self-important slaves yearn for the latest in fashion swimwear, punk rock, and designer pharmaceuticals.

Q: How much is Quintology (I didn’t found in any dictionary) ?

Alf: My dictionary defines Quintology as “what you say when ‘quintet’ doesn’t sound cool enough.”

Q: There used to be 3 forums of Oddworld, what happened?

Alf: Either the forums were consolidated to improve the quality of the discussion or the MAN is keeping us DOWN again! Take it to the streets, brutha!

Q: When will Hand of ODD will be released?

Alf: Sometime in the future. We are concentrating on Munch right now. After Munch I’d like to add a den and redo the kitchen at Alf’s Rehab & Tea, learn how to fly fish, then think about Hand of Odd.

Q: Is Alf’s Rehab & Tea a separate game or part of Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: It is a location on Oddworld that will be featured in many of our games.

Q: You mean to tell me that all Mudokons, Glukkons, and Sligs come from their own queen? So, you have never experienced the joys of love and sex. I pity you!

Alf: Thank you, Mr. T.

Q: How come Abe is blue and you, along with all the other Mudokons, are green?

Alf: It either has something to do with my diet, or it’s a bit of dramatic license to help Abe stand out from the rest of us…

Q: What will happen if both Paramites and Scrabs meet?

Alf: On your old Playstation, there would be a memory overflow causing the game to crash. In Munch’s Oddysee, you can expect a vicious Inhabitant hoedown!

Q: Man! I just looked at the munch demo video off fileplanet… it’s amazing! i love it, the camera zooms in on the back of munch’s skull and i still can’t detect a pixel. How often do you think you’ll be posting new videos on your site as the release date nears?

Alf: As often as we can spare time from preparing the game to post things to the site. Keep checking What’s New.

Q: How big are the characters in Oddworld compared to humans?

Alf: Abe is roughly human-sized – you can extrapolate from there. Check out the chart above.

Q: The Oddworld games are the best games ever made. I have finished them all in everyway. When I heard Munch’s Oddysee was coming out for PS2, I scrambled to get one. Now the game moves to XBox. In your Mission Statement, it says that you people want to get Oddworld into every home. How will that be possible for PS2 owners?

Alf: The same way that it will be possible for Dreamcast or Nintendo owners: by buying an Xbox.

Q: I’m very disappointed right about now its been called to my attention that I haven’t seen or heard anything about those loveable creatures the slogs. Please say they aren’t gone and don’t you dare say the fleeches have taken there place. Please don’t disappoint us!

Alf: Fear not! Slogs are already in the game, running about, barking, eating Sligs, getting chopped up in recyclers, they’ll definitely be on hand when the game is released!

Q: I am making a model of munch but I can’t do the back part of him could you send me a back front and side picture of munch I am SORRY I am bugging you but please alf, I’m your biggest fan.

Alf: What some people won’t do for a butt shot of Munch! OK – here you go! (See above pop up image)

Q: When Molluck loses his clothes does he have has 2 big arms or 2 big legs because they only show it for a second I know that there are 2 small ones.

Alf: Glukkons walk on their hands. Their legs are vestigial.

Q: Hey Alf ,will there be any Mudokon freeing in Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: Absolutely!

Q: Can you please tell who or what is The Magog Cartel?

Alf: The Magog Cartel is an association of Moolah-mad capitalists bent on the mercantile conquest of Oddworld.

Q: Is it pronounced as “Munch” as in *The sound of someone eating*, or “Munch” as what it may be pronounced in German with a bit of the short *oo* sound?

Alf: It depends on whether or not a German is saying it. Note, also, that Latamire Munch is not to be confused with Edvard Munch, the Norwegian painter known for his evocative treatments of psychological themes and for his influence on the development of 20th century German Expressionism.

Q: There was a question on “nice” sligs. Well, if “A grub here or there manages to slip through the ‘system'”, who would care for it? Sligs are born without legs yes? If growning up from grubs (?) and walking with their hands, would they develop arms like the Glukkons? (Keeping in mind the “pants-spoiled” Sligs drag themselves- they didn’t grow up developing “their” arms)

Alf: Like many wild animals, Slig grubs are born into the world fully equipped to survive on their own. They only need caregivers for political indoctrination, and while mechanical pants are nice, Sligs have survived for generations without them.

Q: In Abe’s Exoddus, Elum isn’t in the game! I was shocked! What happened to him, and is he in Munch’s Oddysee?

Alf: On the Playstation, Elum was an expensive character (memory-wise) for what he brought to the game, so he didn’t make an appearance in Abe’s Exoddus. We still plan for Elum to appear in Munch’s Oddysee.

Q: What about Habitales and Farietales series?

Alf: What about them?   – The End