Dear Alf #7

They say the only dumb question is the one that doesn’t get asked. Well, I beg to differ. The dumb question is the one that gets asked OVER AND OVER AGAIN! So, before you write, check our list of Most Frequently Asked Questions to learn if I’ve already offered a vague, indirect, smarmy reply to the special burning question that’s been keeping you up at night. If you don’t see your question here, then drop us a line, but please be patient waiting for an answer. Even if I didn’t have a drinking problem, it would still take me a long time to wade through all the mail we get. So please, one question per fan!

– Cheers, Alf

Q: So, Sligs go to Slaughter School. I’ll assume Glukkons and Vykkers go somewhere to get an education, yes?

Alf: Glukkons take a lot of correspondence courses, and I think Vykkers learn about science by sending away for chemistry sets advertised in the backs of old comic books. Or maybe they have sprawling universities and business schools. I can’t really say. I’ve never been inside a Glukkon city to take a peek.

Q: Haven’t any of the Mudokons taken time to get to know a Slig? You never know, Sligs could be warm on the inside and have a bitter outside because of their BS with Molluck. Besides, isn’t what you Mudokons are doing called “racism?” 

Alf: Probably more like “species-ism.” The only Sligs I’ve gotten to know very well were the slugs that kept hitting me with gun butts, but you’re right, maybe they’re decent guys under all that psychopathic bravado. It’s not their fault that they have to shoot guys in the back. Yeah, I blame society.

Q: Hey, you told me that in Munch’s Oddysee Abe and Munch can take more than one shot from a Slig’s rifle. This seems like a good idea, but I wanted to make sure that you were keeping it realistic. In MO will Abe and Munch be able to keep walking after being shot seven times like in many FPS games available on the market? 

Alf: We’re still tuning the damage values of our characters. We’re aiming for a sweet spot between “bang, you’re dead” and “bullets bounce like tennis balls.” Whatever we select, it will fit into the whole like any other Oddworld mechanic.

Q: What would one have to do to get an e-mail address?

Alf: Get a job with Oddworld Inhabitants.

Q: On the Oddworld site, they say Molluck the Glukkon is seeking his way to the top again . . . but I thought he was dead in the end of Abe’s Oddysee?

Alf: You can’t keep a good Glukkon down!

Q: Can Abe Swim?

Alf: I dunno. Is flailing your arms around and screaming real loud considered “swimming?”

Q: As far as the Mudos know, possession is 9/10ths of the law. In Munch’s Oddysee will we be able to possess anything with a brain, like all of the funky temple guards & what-have-you, or will there be restrictions on some of them, like mental shielding? 

Alf: As in past games, there will be some things you can possess, and some things that you can’t. The criteria for what you can possess has a lot to do with the intellect of the target. There has to be some minimum degree of intelligence in anything you possess.

Q: In Abe’s Exoddus, why doesn’t Abe have the tattoos on his hands?

Alf: The stickers must have washed off in the bath.

Q: How many different types of weapons will there be in Munch’s Oddysee? 

Alf: I’m not sure what the official count is, right now, but there will be plenty, and all of them hurt. The bad guys have their usual assortment of guns, and the heavy armament packed by Big Bro Sligs really stings. The good guys get some help this time around, in the form of unique Spooce Weapons: bows, tomahawks, and more. Don’t worry – you’ll have every chance to blast anything that moves, if that’s what floats your boat.

Q: Is Abe dating anyone? Are you dating anyone? Do you consider yourself a chick magnet like Elum?

Alf: Aw, shucks. You’re making my ears turn red!?

Q: Who is the most strict and nasty Glukkon? 

Alf: Lorne Lanning.