Dear Alf March 2011 (Volume 1)

Peering up from their wood chopping and seed sowing, the beleaguered denizens of the world saw a silhouetted figure and watched as he trampled down…


Peering up from their wood chopping and seed sowing, the beleaguered denizens of the world saw a silhouetted figure and watched as he trampled down the hill, staff in hand. As he drew near they realized who he was, gasping in excitement at the implications of his return. Finally, all their questions would be answered!

How many fingers do you have!?

When is Abe coming back!?

Don’t you love Clakkerz!?

The befezzed genius sighed.

IamStrangerThanYou: Is there any news as to whether or not Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath will become backward compatible on the Xbox 360 sometime soon?? I just got it for £3.50 and have been dying to play it!!!

Alf: That’s entirely up to Microsoft, and as I understand it they’re not releasing any more backward compatibility patches. You can, of course, purchase the game on the delightful Steam platform! The benefit of this is that you’re giving your Moolah to us to make more games, instead of to some reseller who’ll probably just use it to chop down forests and stamp on Fuzzles.

Tristan: Hey Alf! Hope ya don’t mind me asking but … what ever happened to Squeek?…

Alf: Squeek? Huh, you’d think I’d remember a name like that, but I can’t say I’ve ever met a fellow going by that moniker. Are you sure you haven’t been at the Brew? Because I know a little place that can help you with that…

Brandon: Is the Oddworld game “The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot” still gonna happen?

Alf: Well it’s nice of you to trust my predictions of the future but you really have to go see the Raisin if you want that kind of knowledge, and I doubt he’d ever give it to you straight. Expect riddling, misdirection and snoring, and that’s even if you can stand the stench and squirming of all the Rats. It gives even ol’ Alf the heebies. Oh, and I can’t tell you where to find him, his lair is a well-hidden cave, its location a well-guarded secret. Good luck!

Jacob: Yo Alf…I got Another Question for ya. So i Know spooce is a BIG thing in abe so you wont take it off.(I’m fine with that). So here it is. Will all your game’s now be 3D platformers instead of 2D? Will Abe be in any new games? Will you make any new games? And will the Spooce Archer be back?

Alf: We’ve never considered ourselves bound by any single genre before, and we’re not going to start now. Abe might be back in new games, but since we haven’t announced any it’s impossible to say. The Spooce Archers is still broadcast daily on Radio Spore.

Timothy: 1. For creatures of Oddworld such as Paramites and Scrabs, what was the design process behind the creation of them? e.g animal’s reference and initial ideas etc.

Alf: Yes, we did use animal reference and initial ideas.

2. Will you consider adding characters in future games that couldn’t make the cut in previous titles? Such as Luskan Marauder and the Sea Rex.

Alf: Sure! We broke our backs designing these things for a reason: to be seen!

3. Munch’s Oddysee had it’s problems during production. The serious nature of the previous Oddworld titles seemed somewhat lost. Would you ever consider remaking the game, the way you originally intended it to be?

Alf: Munch will take exception to that. Why do you want to make him go through all that again? Don’t you think the poor lil’ fella’s been through enough as it is??

Scrab Master: If all Mudokons are related in one way or another, why are you considered Abe’s best friend?

Alf: Sounds like you don’t get on with your family too well, but I assure you that brothers can be buddies. Besides, don’t they teach you about evolution at school? We’re all related in one way or another!

Anja: Would you please tell me more about the atmosphere on Oddworld?

Alf: The atmosphere on Oddworld is one of contrasts and conflict, but look underneath all that and you’ll find beautiful cultures and landscapes. Nah, I’m just teasing you. I know what you mean! Gotta say I don’t really know much about the atmosphere apart from it helps with the old breathing malarkey. It’s normally see-through, which is handy. Other times it’s not, either because of factories polluting nature or, well, do you have ‘sprouts’ where you come from?

Austin: Hey Alf! I was just wondering something about you muds, is that hair on your head or a tentacle? Also, glukkons can suck it.

Alf: Now why, oh why, would you want Glukkons to suck our ponytails?! That’s just… that’s just creepy! Urgh. I’m going to have nightmares now. Thanks a lot, pal.

Chris: Will we ever find out what happened to the other Slig Queens besides Skillya? Or more info about her in general. Also will we be seeing baby Mudokons or how they are raised?

Alf: Yes. Probably. I mean, to suggest otherwise would be to imply that time on Oddworld had frozen! And that’s the nonsense talk of a Brew-addled mind, which, since you want to see a Slig queen, I can only conclude you are.

PS: Will Crig the Slig be making a come back?

Alf: It’s hard to say. Clampdowns on Slig whistleblowing have made it hard for him to answer even trivial questions in public. But if Abe can get away with tweeting on his iFone without management finding out, then anything’s possible.

Warruz: Iv got three questions

Alf: You’ve sent them to the right Mud!

1) How are mudokons born? We have seen eggs and obviously adult mudokons, but never a baby or a female mudokon.

Alf: The babies come from the eggs and turn into the adults. If I have to draw a diagram to teach you where eggs come from, then I’m just not going to bother.

2) How did Glukons get to where they are with no arms?

Alf: Conniving and flunkies!

3) Any chance on a sale for the Artbook or possible a updated one?

Alf: You’d have to speak to Ballistic about that first thing. An updated art book? Sure, I’ll just get out my crayons and Elum-hair brushes. Which berries do I mix to make cobalt?

Alex: Hey Alf! I was wondering, how do the different vending machines in Munch’s Oddysee work? How to the drinks make Abe and Much invisible? Was it the Vykkers?

Alf: Vendos work by being covered in flashy cartoon ads and located everywhere you turn, and you’ll  find them stocked full of products by all sorts of industrial families. Those with bizarre side-effects do tend to be made by the Vykkers. Don’t ask me how Invisible works, but there’s almost certainly an expensive “Visible” sold by guess-who.

Anyway, my second (or probably fourth if you count all those other extra ones) was what ever happened to Mullock? I know it’s a little cliche, but was he ever found?

Alf: If Molluck knows what’s good for him, he’ll have died in the wreckage of RuptureFarms.

One more question, then I’m done.

Alf: Woo, me too!

Will you guys port the Oddboxx to Mac? I’d really appreciate not having to open up VMWare Fusion to play games, as it chews up my Macbook Pro’s battery!

Alf: We’re looking into it but we’re making no promises.

James: Hi this question is for Alf, why does Munch get his own moon when he is the only member of his species that is still alive besides the gabbit eggs and does this mean that if there is one meech alive does that meech get his own moon????

Alf: Home time!

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Stay Odd!