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“Molluck” | Oddworld: Story Stones

After an extended hiatus, Oddworld: Story Stones is back with our third installment.

Today we’ve chosen to take a look at the meanest boss in the world, Molluck the Glukkon! Molluck is the main antagonist of Abe’s Oddysee, the genius mastermind who came up with a plan to save RuptureFarms from bankruptcy. He’s also the CEO of the Soulstorm Brew Projekt, and one of the most successful Glukkons of the Magog Cartel, as well as the Lady Margaret’s prodigal son.

For our first foray into Oddworld’s darker inhabitants, there’s no better place to start than Molluck.


A prominent member of the Magog Cartel, Molluck the Glukkon is a businessgluk with high aspirations. He is the prodigal son of Lady Margaret[1], the interim head of Magog, and Molluck’s number one priority is to never his mother down. At 43 years old[2], he has acquired the reverent rank of Big Cheese, yet he demands the respect of a Glockstar[3]. He towers over others and can always be seen smoking a giant cigar. Don’t get too close, though — he has terrible breath[4].

While many attribute his success to his “boyish good looks” and “charm”, the real reason is found in his methods. Molluck is not afraid to play dirty[5]. Via trickery and back-stabbing, he quickly rose from a measly job as a manager at a Flub Fuels Fill Station to the CEO of SoulStorm Brewery 401 and the iconic meat-packing plant RuptureFarms 1029, where he houses his office[6]. He has pioneered several products, including cigar labels[7], “Molluck’s Mouth Lube”, and the controversial Mudokon Pop.

Although some discredit Molluck’s success, noting his operations in a third-world country and the despicable state of RuptureFarms 1029[7]. They claim claiming he’s merely biding time for a promotion. One thing is sure though: No one would dare say this to his face.

His cold and calculating demeanor is exhibited in his board room meetings. Although RuptureFarms was was predicting imminent financial hardship due to decreased Scrab and Paramite yield, Molluck delivered cool response to his executives: They’ll simply chop up the local workforce and serve them as Mudokon Pops. Problem solved!

Molluck downfall is heavily disputed, but some believe that RuptureFarms Employee of the Year, Abe the Mudokon, overhead the Annual Board Room Meeting and plotted a great escape for the Mudokon Labor Force. Although it is believed Molluck succeeded in capturing Abe, with the intention of executing the Mudokon Terrorist, more wild rumours claim a mysterious bolt of lightning struck Molluck on his pointy head and set the factory to burn in a massive inferno.

The authorities who investigated the RuptureFarms incident could not find Molluck’s body in the charred wreckage of the factory, and Molluck has been officially classified as Missing-in-Action[8].

Due to Molluck’s absence, a power vacuum opened up inside the SoulStorm Brew project, which was seized by Vice-President Aslik and his underlings, General Dripik and Director Phleg. Thereafter, the project was soon rendered defunct.

It is unknown what happened to Molluck the Glukkon, but if he is ever found, he will be held accountable for the loss of two highly profitable franchised and will have to answer to the Lady Margaret[9], who will no doubt find him guilty for crimes against the Magog Cartel.

In the words of the Magog on the March Newscaster Slig: “It might have been better if he cooked in the fire.”

However, there have been uncorroborated rumours of late that Molluck has be seen very much alive, sporting a horrible and disfiguring scar and spouting some nonsense of a Mudokon Revolution. If the rumours are true, Molluck is no doubt up to his old tricks, but we at Rumor Kontrol know what really happened at RuptureFarms 1029: Molluck burnt the place down himself to claim the insurance money and screwed up.



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