Oddworld: Story Stones

“Gloktigi” | Oddworld: Story Stones

Today we take a look at a mysterious species, whose origins are deeply rooted in the occult practices of the Industrialists. While one might believe that these creatures are mindless tools of murder, perhaps there is more to them, than it meets the eye.


While the average inhabitant might believe that the Industrialists have utterly
denounced their spirituality in the favor of science and technology, this
couldn’t be farther from the truth. Behind closed doors, the wealthiest and most
powerful members of the Industrialist families dabble in alchemy and the dark
arts of the occult. Such practices have allowed for supernatural abilities, as
evidenced by Gloktigi, bizarre hybrids birthed by Glukkon queens, fathered by
high ranking Oktigi, and held together by a twisted amalgam of alchemy and

The Gloktigi embody Oddworld’s version of Djinns, evil spirits bound by
contracts to do their master’s bidding. Standing over fifteen feet tall, they
reach the height of the fearsome Vykker security robots, the Snoozers.[2] By
tapping into their occult powers[3], they have the ability to become translucent
and non-corporeal, which lets them ignore gravity and pass through solid objects
freely. Also, they are able to eject a green, sticky substance that wraps around
their victim, incapacitating them. Any inhabitant unfortunate enough to be
caught in this substance is then promptly dispatched by its razor sharp talons.

These particular skills, coupled with their extreme durability make them
excellent bodyguards for Industrialist VIPs, who are frequently seen flanked by

While invading Sekto Springs, Stranger meets four of these beings who have been
cybernetically enhanced. [4] The creatures, who Sekto refers to as his pets,
never seem to utter a word, their vocalizations consisting only of pig-like
squeals. Yet Gloktigi are not mere animals guided solely by instinct; in
reality, they are intelligent, cunning, and terribly egoistical. To them, all
other creatures are so inferior that they don’t bother speaking. Gloktigi are
highly trained but tend to occasionally undergo fits of violence, where they
can’t contain their demonic frenzy. Despite this, they are loyal to their
masters, and are greatly desired as bodyguards. [5]

A beast of such immense power, however, is confronted with a relatively short
life. Their average lifespan of 40 years [6] means they only live about as long
as an average Mudokon worker. [7]


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