Arcade: Munch Better [1999]

Date: December, 1999

Source: Arcade, Issue 14, p. 18

Oddysee to return in 3D

PlayStation 2 version of Oddysee promises significant revamp.

Munch’s Oddysee is the third instalment in the Oddworld quintet of games. It follows on from Abe’s Oddysee but shuns the 2D puzzle-based platform style for an altogether different approach.

Munch’s Oddysee will be in real-time 3D and will focus on the world of Oddworld itself, the relationship between the inhabitants and the story of Munch. All of the game’s characters will have individual life-cycle patterns. An ambitious project, but the sort that’s likely to become more common with the advent of PlayStation 2.

Who is Munch? Well, Munch, like Abe, is an accidental hero. He’s “at the bottom of the food chain and slipping fast”. As the last of species, the Gabbits, his lungs are in huge demand. Gabbits, you see, make ideal donors for Glukkons when they get lung cancer. A lot of Glukkons get cancer.

Munch’s Oddysee also sees the welcome return for the loveable Abe. His fate is intertwined with Munch’s and you get to control both characters. You also have control over the inhabitants of Oddworld in a similar way to the original game. Here, though, you will be able to command entire armies to do your bidding.

Think of Munch’s Oddysee as less a game and more of a place. It sounds absolutely fascinating.