Arcade: Odd’s On [1999]

Date: September, 1999

Source: Arcade, Issue 10, p. 15

In Odd we trust

Abe’s creators hard at work on two new games

Looney developer Oddworld Inhabitants – responsible for farting green alien, Abe – have revealed details of two new games for the PlayStation 2. The first, Munch’s Oddysee is an epic adventure following loosely from Abe’s Exoddus. The Oddworld environment has undergone serious redecoration and will appear in jaw-dropping 3D. The interaction between your character (presumably not Abe, but Munch, who we know little about) and the Mudokons is much more sophisticated and you may have to start learning the language to get the little blighters to do what you want them to. Apart from this we know very little, and the game could well be another two years in production.

The second game, Hand Of Odd, will break with Oddworld tradition by tackling the real-time strategy genre. Playing as either a Mudokon chief or a megalomaniac Glukkon tycoon, the opportunity to spread your empire throughout Oddworld should provide an alternative to the typically more prosaic strategy titles on offer. Hand Of Odd is also some way off completion, but more news as we have it.