GT Interactive Begins Countdown to ‘Odd Friday,’ September 19

MUDOS, ODDWORLD, August 15, 1997 – In a desperate attempt to shed light on the impending eradication of his people, Abe, a Mudokon and escaped slave laborer from RuptureFarms, issued a plaintive plea from a temporary safe-house deep within the woods of Mudos on Oddworld.

“First it was the Meeches – creatures who once covered the lands of Oddworld – ground up into Meech Munchies until ‘poof’ no more Meeches,” explained Abe. “The creatures on Oddworld are dwindling, and as a result, so are RuptureFarms’ profits. Using us as ingredients for meat pops is their next objective and after us, who’s to stop their CEO from grinding out ‘Good Human Ice Cream’ or ‘Homo Sapien Syrup?”

Having stumbled upon an after-hours RuptureFarms meat processing plant board meeting run by CEO Molluck the Glukkon, Abe claims to have overheard plans for the mass production of a new meat product made from Mudokon body parts. Abe contends that Molluck has vowed to reverse the company’s declining meat sales with the introduction of the new product line on September 19, ‘Odd Friday.’

GT Interactive’s new Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee for Sony PlayStation and Windows 95 will debut nationwide on “Odd Friday,” September 19. An all-new game play experience for Sony PlayStation and Windows 95, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee ushers in the new A.L.I.V.E. (Aware Life forms In Virtual Environments) genre of gaming which features GameSpeak, real-time conversation between characters. The title was recently selected as “Best PlayStation Game” of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo by a consortium of industry media.