Dear Alf #47

16 years since Abe’s Oddysee released, this week’s Dear Alf answers your questions about Abe.

Happy Friday! And Happy Oddiversary! Yesterday marked precisely 16 years since Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was first released, and this week’s Dear Alf pays tribute by answering some of your questions about the Mudokon who started it all – Alf’s best friend, Abe! That’s right, a slew of your quirkiest ponderances addressed at long last!

Guilherme: How’s it going now? What is abe up to doing? Aren’t you chumps planning anything to save your queen?

Alf: Well it’s the tail end of a warm summer, so we’re thinking of just hitting the beach, meechin’ about with popsicles and riding Elum up and down the sands. I’ve been lifting heavy tea bags a lot and I wanna strut my stuff.

Sligerette: Hey Abe! I think you should bring alum back because hes freaking adorable, anyway could you please tell me what creature he is? *fart*

Alf: I admire your optimism thinking Abe’s got time to sit and read all day, but it’s your pal Alf who gets to sift through all his fan mail. Abe’s too busy chillin’ on that beach with Elum. Elum is an Elum. Elums are Elums.

TotallyNotARebelSlig: What’s Abe been up to lately?

Alf: Packing for the beach, mostly. He’s got his bucket and spade and his ridiculously skimpy swimsuit. Can you believe he uses a FeeCo Depot brand case? I haven’t got the heart to tell Munch what creature’s skin it’s made outta.

Lee: Abe can breakdance in the music video, can any other muds breakdance and where did Abe learn to?

Alf: As if Abe can breakdance! Puh-lease, he’s a total klutz. Only reason in Oddworld they get him to look that hip is stunt doubles! That head spinning trick was done by my pal Soots from two villages over. Man, that Mudder got some serious moves.

If muds use spoocebows as weapons, how come Abe wont use one on his journeys it would help him a lot.

Alf: Abe is a terrible shot! He’d just keeping pewing his buddies in the noggin and settin’ off chains of explosives. Don’t give him ideas!

Rafael: Hey alf,i always wondered why is abe blue and the other mudokons are Green?

Alf: He’s two elevenths Glukkon on his half-uncle’s side.

That’s another week down! How many more to go? Someone check that out for me while I say goodbye to the fans. Thanks for dropping by the Rehab, folks, and I hope to see you again real soon. Obviously there’s Dear Alf next week, but there’s also the new Fan Art Tuesdays (FArT) to get excited about. How many more did ya say? Perpetuity?!?! Awww man…

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