Dear Alf #49: Sligs With Wheels And Employee Of The Month

What time did you say it was? I’VE BEEN ASLEEP FOR HOW LONG?

*Yawn* What time did you say it was? I’VE BEEN ASLEEP FOR HOW LONG? Aww man! Looks like Abe thought it would be absolutely heee-larious to turn off my alarm clock again. Not cool, Abe. Not. Cool.

Alright! Won’t keep you Alfnauts waiting any longer – I’m sure there’ve been many riots and planetary disasters in my absence. But you know what I say to that? Awww, get over it!

@SpartanSloth ‪#DearAlf if there are flying and walking sligs, why aren’t there any sligs with wheels?

Alf: Who said there aren’t? I definitely didn’t. Those guys are the worst. The flying sligs are tough to miss in the air, the walking sligs you have the chance to hide from. The wheelies? Nope. Not a chance—those guys are fast. Consider yourselves lucky that you haven’t encountered them… yet.

@Coolcomment8 ‪#DearAlf How did Abe get employee of the year at RuptureFarms just by being a floor waxer? Plus, what came with the award?

Alf: Just by being a Floor Waxer? JUST?!! That’s a tough job for a Mudokon to get! Abe paid his dues and learned all the tricks as a Junior Floor Waxer. Plus, Abe was THE Floor Waxer. Those floors were so shiny that they’d blind anything looking directly at it. Good thing that’s what he was supposed to do… I’m sure if the wrong person went blind, Abe would have been Most Wanted long before his Oddysee. What came with the award? Only what was prized most: less slig-beatings.

@CoolsomeXD Is the reason Abe was employee of the-month at Farms really just because he is two-elevenths Glukkon on his half-uncle’s side.

Alf: Yeah right! Like Glukkons would cut anyone who’s not a purebred a break. I bet they don’t even remember Abe’s roots…

@Majb773 What do Mudokons eat and drink?

Alf: Mmmm food. Now we Mudokons are creatures to be envied there. You should know the answer to this one; our delicacies are known and prized and envied across the universe! Scrab Cakes, Paramite Pies, and Meech Munchies for all!

Speaking of all that food—geez, I haven’t eaten in days. Need to get my hands on… well, all of those delectable bites and scarf them all down before I eat my own head!

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