Dear Alf #60: Scarves, spelling and slingshots

Alf scoops up more of your Oddworld questions and unscoops all the answers you could ever want, in the last Dear Alf of the year.

Happy Hol-Odd-Days, Oddworldians and Alfnauts! Alf’s been busy picking beautiful berries and branches to decorate the Rehab and brighten things up a little in these cold, dark days. But even then he’s still found the time to grab a handful of your questions and hash out a few answers. I mean, sit down with your questions and answer them with the care and attention that only Alf in his unrivalled capacity as teahouse proprietor could muster.

chief900: Dear Alf, quick question. If you were stuck in some evil factory again with tons of bad guys between you and freedom who would you choose to help you get out? Your options are Abe, Munch, or Stranger.

Alf: Yeah, I’d definitely choose those guys! Between them there’s probably nothing they couldn’t infiltrate, sabbotage or liberate. Nice options!

Nicklas: How is Munch doing after his vykers labs adventure?

Alf: Well you know, he needed a bit of a break after that whole ordeal, so on the Raisin’s advice he went for a nice, relaxing skiing vacation. Munch looks so adorable in a scarf!

Lee: Can you tell me more about Soots(Dear Alf 47) what is he is like when relaxing and could we see more of his breakdance moves?

Alf: Soots is a great dancer all round, not just breakdance. He honed his skills of balance and rhythm carrying timed bonepowder kegs in Bonewerkz. When Abe rescued him he developed an interest in tribal dance, but it wasn’t long before he was establishing his own unique style. He says next year he’s going on sabbatical to learn the dances of other natives Mudoswide.

Courtney: Oddworld Inhabitants, I want a confession… much misspellings of the word “Mudokon” have you seen?

Alf: More than the number of SpooceShrubs I’ve seen.

probably: So, i heard from Crig that there are.. erm.. flying scrabs. how does that even work and WHY WOULD someone UNLEASH SUCH A MONSTROSITY UPON ODD?

Alf: A FLYING SCRAB?? Are you sure??? I mean, you did hear it from a Slig. Not being funny, but they’re not exactly known for their reliable information, unlike your ol’ pal Alf. Have you ever seen Magog On the March? And Crig is an old tabloid columnist, he knows how to pull your leg… professionally!

gizzybiscuits: I was wondering, is Abe’s gender neutral or male? I’ve read they’re gender neutral/sexless but I keep seeing sources referring to their gender as he. Is he seen the same way as they in Oddworld or is Abe transgender and identifies as male regardless of them lacking drone bits?

Alf: Like every other Mudokon you’ve seen, Abe and me and Buddy and Soots, we’re biologically asexual. There are male Mudokons (Drones) and female Mudokons (Queens) but we’re neither of them. We use the pronoun ‘he’ because, well, pretty much just because. It’s worth remembering that we’re products of a ‘Civilized’ world that encourages us to slaughter wildlife and topple ecosystems without sparing a thought for the victims. We destroy instead of nurture, a traditional diagnosis of masculinity by your world’s standards. The same is especially true for bullyish Sligs and capitalist Glukkons, even if our leaders are Queens. Who wants to hire a friendly, considerate security guard??

Jerrry: 1 why is abe and the sling shot mud blue is it that they are breeders or some thing like that?

Alf: Nah, the Muds who breed Elums and Meetles are different guys. Could be any reason the guards are blue. Remember we change color when we’re emotional, and body paint is a huge part of our culture.

2 and why doses the sling shot one hit abe?

Alf: Because it’s designed to protect Monsaic Lines, the Mudokons’ most holiest of holy caves, preserving millennia of ancient Mudokon rockart, sculpture and other religious relics, from any intruders that might damage them or hurt the safety or serenity of such a safe haven. Don’t you think they did a good job!

3 a side thing why don’t you use character art ? like this ^.^

Alf: €8~

Alf will be back with another assortment of your fan creations next week with the final FArT of the year, but Big Face is predicting heavy weather soon after that, so we’re advising all you Rehabitants to stay home and take care instead of trekking out to Alf’s.

And remember you can always send in your questions to Alf by using the hashtag #DearAlf on Facebook or Twitter, or drop them in the comments below.

Dear Alf will return in the new year. Until then, have yourselves some very Happy Hol-Odd-Days!