Dear Alf August 2011 (Volume 2)

Catching up with more fan questions, Alf returns to enlighten the world on all thing Odd. OddMan360: Hey, Alf! Your fez is awesome, would you…

Catching up with more fan questions, Alf returns to enlighten the world on all thing Odd.

OddMan360: Hey, Alf! Your fez is awesome, would you be kind enough to get/make me one as good as your one?

Alf: Thanks, chump, my fez is awesome. It’s a one-of-a-kind, which means as much as I’d love to take a few days out of helping sick Mudokons to try my paws at millinery, it’s not going to happen. Have you considered a Stetson?

alf fan711: alf r there native Glukkons?

Alf: Oddworld is a big place. Maybe in the depths of some exotic, pristine jungle or deep underground in forgotten caverns there are native Glukkons. Black swans, and all that. My personal bet is that no, all Glukkons are greedy jerks.

alf i know that Glukkons know about abe but do they know about you

Alf: I was a registered “employee” of RuptureFarms 1029, so I exist on Glukkon paperwork. At least, any paperwork that survived the destruction of that nightmarish slaughterhouse. Who knows if they’re plotting terrible things against my Rehab chain, but I don’t think I’m high on their list of priorities.

big bad slig: hay alf do all sligs have bosses?

Alf: Pretty much. A Slig wouldn’t get very far if he didn’t have a wage-paying boss. His pants would fall into disrepair, he’d run outta ammo, he wouldn’t have vending machines to get his dinners from, no chance of promotion, no buddies to hang about with, no slaves to beat. A free-roaming Slig would have to be one tough survival machine.

Travis: I posted images of Oddwold on my Facebook to show it to the world. I hope you don’t mind

Alf: Not in the slightest! Thanks for spreading the word of Odd! Or in this case, the images of Odd.

steven R: at the soulstorm brewery why would vykers be working there ? because there is a sign which mentions vykers ?

Alf: Vykkers are renowned for their scientific prowess, so if you want everyone to know your edible product is safe to consume, you put a Vykkers seal of approval on it. Doesn’t mean the Vykkers are working at the Brewery, nor that they’re being entirely truthful.

what’s your recipe for your tea , i would love to try it 🙂

Alf: What you have to do is take some tea, put it in a cup, and Just Add Water. Normally hot, but you can put in cold water and leave it to steep and heat in the sun if you want a change. Put in sugar and milk according to taste. I’m such a pro.

and the last question is , have you ever been to planet earth before ?

Alf: Earth? Isn’t that fictional? It would make no sense for me to talk about visiting it. Your poor mind must be sick from Brew. Here, have a lie down and tell me all about. Keep your eyes on the ceiling, I don’t want you seeing me leave, uh, I mean listen.

Andrew: If the roles of Glukkons and Sligs were reversed so that the Sligs were in charge, how different would Oddworld be? Would Glukkons be in mechanical pants while the Sligs act snobby in their expensive suits?

Alf: Just how would that happen? Sligs and Glukkons have thousands of years of biological and societal evolution that have led them to be who they are today. If all of that were different enough that the master-servant relationship were reversed, they might as well not be Sligs and Glukkons anymore. Glukkons are Glukkons because they’re business gurus; Sligs are Sligs because they’re sadistic peacekeepers.

Oh, and can you tell us about some of the myths in Oddworld that you’re pretty sure aren’t true?

Alf: Molluck is alive, there are living Meeches somewhere, tea is bad for you. There really are some crackpot ideas floating about.

And lastly, is there a Glukkon equivalent of SoulStorm Brew that’s been marketed to that species and others?

Alf: SoulStorm Brew is marketed to everyone! It’s not just Mudokons that drink it!

So Alf, if you or Abe could bring someone back from the dead, who would it be?

Alf: My friend Tobey from RuptureFarms, who took “early retirement” one day and never came back. Miss you, pal!

Bobby: hey alf have you ever seen a sea rex

Alf: Yes, and it wouldn’t have been the one that got away if it weren’t for those meddling Scuba Toads! They chased me out of their pristine waters with their blow darts.

Crazyfulla: we havent seen Fleeches since Abe’s Exoddus are they still around somewhere?

Alf: Yes, everywhere sewers take them. Horrid things, lurking in the nastiest, skankiest shadows. Tongues like bullets and guts like a trash compactor.

George: Are the Slegs in Stranger’s Wrath feral versions of Slogs? Like a boar to a pig? Cause they seem only different in color and Slegs have tusks.

Alf: Not feral, completely wild and undomesticable. Just ignore the bit where the Wolvarks are handling them… I’m pretty sure those were just Slogs with prosthetics to make them look scarier.

OddworldFan#1: Alf, what happens if all the Gabbits in the egg can turn out to be all males?

Alf: The odds of that happening are one in about a billion billion billion billion billion. But it were to happen, I dunno, another Last Can of Gabbiar Auction? It’s statistically more likely someone will find another tin in the back of their fridge.

Steve: Why didn’t you guys bring something to drink/eat when you guys went to Necrum Mines with Abe?

Alf: We didn’t know how long we were going to be! I suppose that’s no excuse but we were giddy with freedom and well-fed on our arrival at Monsaic Sanctum. It just never crossed our minds, ok? Sheesh, the number of people who come and tell me off in retrospect. Where was your hindsight ahead of time, huh? No? No, you’re not so smart after all.

Arvin: Hi Alf, I was wondering… Why was Slig Storm and many other titles cancelled?

Alf: SligStorm wasn’t so much cancelled as never started or announced. We only ever really started a couple of projects that we didn’t see to fruition: Hand of Odd and Fangus Klot.

Hand of Odd fell off our radar as production on Munch progressed. It was a tortuous and torturous labor for so many reasons, and we ended up in a position where the only way to deliver a completed game was with an engine that couldn’t possibly power what we wanted Hand of Odd to be. There was just no sense in returning to it at the time. But as you should know, it’s re-entering production soon.

The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot was simply the project we were working on when we stopped all internal game development back in 2005. There was nothing wrong with it, production was going well thanks to the robustness of the Stranger Engine. We’ve still got all that development on disc, so we might return to it one day.

And why is their a movie preview of the movie Abe’s Oddysey on Youtube? Bye!

Alf: It’s just something we threw together a few years ago. Don’t read too much into it, but we thought it was good and that fans would like to see it. Didn’t you like seeing it? Oh. Then we’ll just keep everything to ourselves in the future.

That’s another mailbag sorted. I can throw the letters on the compost bin and plant some crops in the empty sack. I’ll be continuing to catch up throughout the month, so if you’re worried about your letter not being answered, just give it some time! In the meantime, remember that you can still send fresh questions to me through email, Twitter or Facebook.