Dear Alf

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@Employee_427 asks: “How does it feel to be in a starring role?”

Alf: What ya talkin’ about? I’m just doin’ what I can to help Abe. I think it’s great that so many other Muds are joinin’ in though, we got a great gang here and we’re gonna do whatever it takes to get free. Least, that’s what Abe says!

@Imhotep_mantis asks: “What does the Soulstorm Beer taste like?

Alf: It’s got a bit of a chalky aftertaste but they say that’s where the best flavor comes from. Ah, I miss it but I’m done with that stinkin’ Brew!

@Riller928 asks: “Do you still have your fez?”

Alf: I loved that hat but I’m not sure it was worth goin’ back for. I’m hopin’ we can save a fez-makin’ Mudokon along the way!

@Shade_Meadows asks: “Hey Alf! How’s the Tea business?”

Alf: I’m workin’ on some really tasty brews. All ya need is a fire and kettle. We’re findin’ some great herbs and plants on the road that I’ve never tasted before. Toby says I should start up a new place once we get everyone free and I’ll have loads of new friends to hang out in the ol’ Rehab ‘n’ Tea!