Alf’s Inhabitants Anonymous

During 2004, Oddworld Inhabitants released a unique, limited series of designer diaries entitled Alf’s Inhabitants Anonymous. These diaries chronicled the various activities of the Oddworld Inhabitants studios and its different departments.

Entry #1 [May, 2004]
This month we are premiering the first edition of Alf’s Inhabitants Anonymous, where Inhabitants can breath a sigh of relief, relax and talk about what they’re working on. Every month or so you’ll be privy to the hopes, fears, and insights of these hard working souls.

Entry #2 [June, 2004]
Hello, my name is insert name here, and I am an Inhabitant!!!! June marks our second edition of the cathartic AIA. This month we get to take a peek inside the workings of admin in addition to the now standard ramblings of the production staff. Don’t let their perky demeanor fool you – admin is a serious group of worker bees!

Entry #3 [July, 2004]
The Departments of Oddworld have all new things to share. PDD and Creative Services spill the beans on their Art of Oddworld Book angst! Programmers admit to having several weaknesses! The whole company is (surprise!) working its tail off to get this game out the door! Read on, my brotha!

Entry #4 [August, 2004]
Another month cram-packed with the real dirt on what Inhabitants are doing inside and outside of the studio. Eeew, you say? Nay, ’tis good hearty fun! Read on, mates!

Entry #5 [September, 2004]
This summer Oddworld was home to it’s one and only intern. No, not the grayish, purplish, knocking on deaths door interns we came to know and love in Munch”s Oddysee! More like the young, healthy, overtly human, and well, pretty darn productive type! Read the personal account of Danielle, Oddworld Intern, in this month’s “back to school” Alf’s Inhabitants Anonymous!