New ‘n’ Tasty Development Diary

For the creation of the Abe’s Oddysee remake, New ‘n’ Tasty, Oddworld Inhabitants produced several designer diaries that followed the process and many challenges of updated one of the most beloved games of the franchise.

Entry #1 [22 November, 2013]
The premiere entry!

Entry #2 [6 December, 2013]
New ‘n’ Tasty‘s art goes under the knife.

Entry #3 [23 December, 2013]
New ‘n’ Tasty‘s new beats.

Entry #4 [6 March, 2014]
The music producer/composer with your dream job.

Entry #5 [22 April, 2014]
The man behind New ‘n’ Tasty‘s cutscenes.

Entry #6 [8 May, 2014]
Matt Glanville talks about updating the Stockyard sensors.

Entry #7 [8 September, 2016]
Revisiting Alf’s Escape for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.