Dreamcast Monthly: Lorne Lanning, President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants [1999]

Lorne Lanning, President/Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants [hosted by Dreamcast Monthly]

Date: September 1999

Source: Dreamcast Monthly, issue 01, p.27.

Q: Are you finding it easy to develop on Sega’s new format compared to, say, the PlayStation?

Lorne Lanning: We’re not developing on Sega’s new format. We had considered the idea, but we didn’t believe it would handle what we were going to throw at it.

Q: Do you feel the Dreamcast has the capabilities to fight off a PlayStation 2 attack?

Lorne Lanning: Right now, the Dreamcast is the most powerful console system in the world. However, when you put it next to PSX 2… well, it’s an entirely different ball game. So I think the Dreamcast can build great, great games, but you can build even better games with the PSX 2. However, that doesn’t mean developers will be building better games just because one system’s more powerful than another. Most developers have a hard time maxing out the power of either of these systems. If great software and enough of it is built for the Dreamcast, it has a chance to compete along with a more powerful machine.

Q: Many feel that innovative developers like yourself are the key to a format’s survival. Are Sega following this line of thought by giving support and advice to your development team?

Lorne Lanning: We believe that Sega would be extremely supportive of any strong efforts to bring good software to their system. If we were building for the Dreamcast, I’m sure the support would be great. But as a small developer, we’ve got to place our bets and also choose the system that best supports our own vision of the experiences we want to design. Right now, that’s the PSX 2.