Edge (UK): Drunk on Abe’s tears [1999]

Date: February, 1999

Source: Edge (UK Edition), Issue 68, p. 121

UK: Following his recent starry step up into the world of Hollywood (see E65), Abe continues his exodus out of Oddworld with the introduction of SoulStorm Brew into the real world. Of course, whether he would approve of Oddworld Inhabitants’ licensing of the infamous addictive liquid of SoulStorm Brewery is a moot point — it’s the reason that the Mudokon people are enslaved to mine the graves of their ancestors in the first place.

And after actually tasting the dark foamy liquid (‘part bones, part tears, bottle-conditioned real ale’) Edge is confused as to why anyone would be the least bit interested in the concoction. Assuming it’s the only thing they get to drink, it would explain why the Glukkons are so angry…

SoulStorm Brew
All that’s needed is Mudokan pizza and the picture will be complete