Emails sent to Matt Lee [2007]

Date: 02/07/2007

Description: Posted by forum member Zerox


From Matt Lee ( Meeches were originally drawn and painted as being fairly green. But when Oddworld actually had packs of Meeches running in the Abe’s Oddysee game, they were more brown with redish stripes across their back in a dinosaur/raptor like fashion. Unfortunately, these were cut from the game before release so the fans never got to see them. They were very cool as many of them would be on screen at once and they felt like a pack of wild animals. Someday Oddworld hopes to show our fans how these would act in a game.

Typically, Oddworld designers would make the colors of a natural character to be the opposite color of the backgrounds that it lived within… all in effort to make a better read for the gamer.

Date: 07/07/2007


Matt Lee: Hey, your picture of a Meech is pretty good. They were scary looking things and they’ll probably make an appearance in the Oddworld movie when it comes out. For the rest of the Meeches info… I’ll try to answer what folks here remember.

The Meeches were about 3 ½ to 4 feet tall – Just below Mudokon shoulder height.

Oddworld did create the models and animations for the Meeches. They looked really cool, actually. Like a pack of wolves as they always stayed in large packs. Images or video of these was never archived. There is data but it is in storage and will be for some time, so it is unaccessible.

While Oddworld is currently focused on the Citizen Siege film and game there is still work being done on the early stages of the Oddworld movie. When the movie gets the greenlight, then a new game will follow along with it. The movie will focus on Abe’s story.

Paramites come from Queens, but Scrabs do not.

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Date: 10/07/2007


Matt Lee: Future games can be a variety of both, depending on what system they are built for. There are ongoing discussions to see the 2D Abe games brought to PSP and other handheld devices. This is still to be determined.

The Gloktigi are aquatic in nature, but can remain on land if they have “a host”.

You must try Munch’s Oddysee as well as Stranger’s Wrath. Very much worth the play. Munch was a very unique game. Stranger crossed boundaries of super action and adventurous story.

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Date: 03/07/2007

Description: Posted by forum member moxco


Q: To Oddworld Inhabitants.

I’ve got some questions That I desperatley want an answer for:

1. Games! Games! Games! Will there be any more Oddworld games after the
2. When will the new site be up on the net?
3. When it is will you re-open ‘Ask Alf’?

Can you also fill me in on a bit of Citizen Siege info.

Please reply to this e-mail

From the Australian fan who owns all 4 games and the ‘book of art’,

Jimmy Barnes….

[Not to be confused with John Howard]


Matt Lee []: Hi Jimmy,

Phew! You had us scared for a minute… but you’re not actually John
Howard! (Whom we don’t quite agree with on most things 😉

To answer your questions – there will be more Oddworld games, but the
company is focused on getting Citizen Siege and the game that goes with
it – finished first. We hope to see the film out in late 2009… but it
is a tremendous effort and that target date may change.

The Oddworld stories are valued greatly by us here at Oddworld. While
there may be a gap in time before new ones, you can bet that Sherry and
Lorne worked very hard to secure all of the rights to the Oddworld
stories and games and are also intensely dedicated to doing a lot more
with the brand in the years to come.

There are also discussions on how to make these games LEGALLY available
for digital distribution. Still in discussions on the best way to make
this happen and finding the right partners.

Regarding Citizen Siege… beyond what you’re able to read on the web,
at this time we are still unable to talk about the film and game. We
are moving along with the development of both the film and the game…
and hope to have some announcement soon.

We’re also waiting for some additional announcements before the new site
is launched.

Sorry we can’t be more specific with information at this time, but we
hope you’ll be patient and hang in there!

Matt Lee

Date: 09/07/2007

Description: Posted by forum member Venks


Q) Do Sligs have beady black eyes or glowing red eyes under their masks?

A) They have eyes like that of house flies. They are dark but textured and highly segmented. The red glow around the eyes that you see in their masks is a result of their infrared installed helmet vision.

Q) Is Skillya the only Slig queen alive?

A) No. There are several and all run different security companies that compete with one another as well as other species that run security service companies. The Slig Queens lease out their children (Sligs) for security services.

Q) Were the old Slig queens caring and loving for their children?

A) Never. In fact, birthing was so painful for them that they resented their little runts and would actually eat the more unfortunate ones at birth.

Q) How does a Slig get by without pants in the wildlife?

A) They evolved from swampy conditions and tend to live in mud or very damp places. They can dry out pretty easily, kind of like slugs.

Q) Do Sligs share a common ancestor with Paramites?

A) No.

Q) Is their any chance their will be a Oddworld game staring a kind Slig?

A) Possibly. One game about Sligs was presented in the past but publishers thought that Sligs were too ugly to be the heroes of a game. We disagreed, but they choose to pay for the game production or not, so it was never made.

Q) By chance are Sligs any good at crafting/engineering? Or are their hands just inept for that kind of business?

A) They are crappy manufacturers and horrible at any type of skilled labor. They have no real talents and are lazy and have very short attention spans, which is why they make good oppressors and security guards. They are naturally envious of other species and so they love to feel superior by being sadistic over laborers while working for the wealthier industrialist families.

Hope this has been helpful,

Matt Lee

Date: 09/07/2007

Description: Posted by forum member Jordan


Q: Hey again, I’ve seen some emails people have posted on the Oddworld forums that they’ve recieved from you, and I’d like to say you’re doing a brilliant job in answering all questions.

I have a couple of my own.

When Rupture Farms started slaughtering Meeches, how long did it take for them to be extinct approximately, and would it take as long for the Paramites and Scrabs to go if Rupture Farms wasn’t blown up?

A: The meeches were not as plentiful as Paramites and Scrabs because the natural habitat conditions that they required were more fragile than those of many other animals. This rarity also made products made from them a bit more expensive due to their rare meat – which was considered a delicacy to some. Their habitat was local to the area of RuptureFarms and not found beyond this region, so when their habitat was encroached upon and their numbers were reduced… it didn’t take very long for them to disappear.

Q: Was Molluck around in Abe’s Exoddus, or was he in Nolybab?

A: Mulluck was on the run. His More details of this will emerge in the Oddworld film.

Q: In the Oddworld art book, there were sketches of Abe and Munch in the Ma’Spa, would these areas be featured in Munch’s Exoddus if it was made?

A: These images are of the original Ma’Spa before the Sekto Springs Dam was built. The dam caused Ma’Spa to be flooded under a vast reservoir of water. Only until Stranger’s Wrath would Ma’Spa be revealed again and able once again be the spawning grounds of the Gabbit. Remember, Munch secured the last can of Gabbiar (Gabbit egss) and his next step would be to release them back into the wild to birth the return of his kind.

Q: On the good ending of Abe’s Exoddus, Abe mentions there were more Mudokons out there, and he was gonna save them. But were these Muds in Munch’s Oddysee or in between bo th the games?

A: Industry on the content of Mudos heavily relies upon Mudokon Slave labor. Imagine the early days of the United States before slavery was a bo lished. In those days, there was not one plantation, but many that used slaves for their businesses. The same is true on Oddworld. Many industries run by many families purchase Mudokon Slaves to perform the low level blue collar roles within the factories. A big difference between the slaves of old United States and the Mudokon Slaves of Mudos… is that the Mudokon Slaves very rarely are aware that they are actually slaves. They’ve been brainwashed since birth so they believe that they just have the best jobs they can get. As Abe learns more a bo ut his world and the plight of his people, he sets out to help more Mudokons wherever they may be enslaved.

Q: I hope I haven’t taken up alot of your time, thanks.

A: No problem. Hope this was helpful.