Name: Bill the Mudokon

Age: At LEAST legal working age (we promise!)

Occupation: Necrum Miner

Hobbies: Playing hide-and-go-bump-into-walls, Mining for unknown stuff, Drinking SoulStorm Brew, Mining for unknown stuff, Did I mention Mining for unknown stuff?

Family: None to speak of.

Achievements: Uhh, he’s managed to stay alive longer than just about everyone else in his work unit?

Favorite Album: “Tommy” (‘I can really relate to it,’ bemoans Bill)

Favorite Movie: “Locker Room Towel Fights: The Blinding of Gary Driscoll”

Why his manager chose him: “Vice President Aslik tol’ me to pick one, so I picked one. Now FREEZE!”

Quote: “Why’s it so dark in here?”