GamePro: Sneak Previews – Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee [1997]

Date: June 1997

Author: Air Hendrix

Source: GamePro, Issue 105, p. 39.


Sure, platform games have been done to death, but the freshness and humor of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee will reel in even the most jaded action/adventure pro. As an escaped slave struggling to prevent his race’s extermination, Abe carries the day by being stealthy and smart, not by packing big guns. Oddysee serves up plenty of twitch-style jumping and fighting, but the heart of the action lies in steering Abe through traps, defusing mines, sneaking past sleeping guards, and the like. Abe can even possess his enemies, which enables you to assume control of enemy guards and deal out death with abandon.

By the way, if Oddysee looks familiar, you’ve seen its earlier incarnations in GamePro before (see “Epic 1’s Looking Large,” December ’96, and “E3 Explodes,” August ’96) under the names “Oddworld Inhabitants: Epic 1 Starring Abe” and “Soul Storm,” respectively. Hopefully, “Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee” is that you’ll see on the box come September!

Graphics & Sounds

Graphically, Oddysee’s dazzling. Abe’s unique style of movement is both fluid and humorous—his sneak move, where he delicately tiptoes past foes, is a real side-splitter. Gorgeously rendered backgrounds also breathe life into the game. On the sound side, Abe’s ability to talk out loud adds depth to the gameplay. Our hero can use simple statements like “Hello” and “Follow me”—or even farts—to interact with other characters and solve puzzles and obstacles.

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