GamePro: Soul Storm [1996]

Date: August 1996

Author: Air Hendrix

Source: GamePro, Issue 95, p. 34.

One of the most dazzling games at E3, Soul Storm snuck out of nowhere with breathtaking graphics and a fresh approach to platform gaming. Because Abe, the main character, is an escaped slave, the action focuses on avoiding rather than fighting – defusing a mine, evading a squad of enemies, and so on. Abe can sneak, jump, roll, ride steeds, and possess his enemies to solve puzzles or pass obstacles. Many of the doors and puzzles are solved by learning songs or sentences,and Abe has 16 user-controlled sounds to face these challenges. The graphics gleam with spectacular backgrounds and lifelike, humorous animations. Keep an eye out for this killer game.
GamePro Soul Storm