Gamers’ Republic: Abe’s Exoddus [1999]

Date: January 1999

Source: Gamers' Republic, Issue 8, p. 116


Unrated . Oddworld Inhabitants/GT Interactive

We all know movies and games are moving closer together, but how about the actual cinematics from a game being made into a movie? Well, that’s what’s happening at Oddworld Inhabitants. The super-talented team has entered a film of the game cinematics for an Academy qualification, making this a first for the Oscars.

The short takes place on Oddworld and follows the adventures of Abe, who’s trying to get the SoulStorm Brewery closed down. Why a brewery, you ask? Well, the owners are using his ancestor’s bones for use in their brews (mmm… nice) and enslaving his people. Abe isn’t your typical hero, but that doesn’t seem to bother him, as he attempts to save his race from extinction.

The story may seem a bit far-out, but the animation is superb. Lorne Lanning, creative director and co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, says: “This is the latest development in the crossing of video game technology and content into other entertainment media. We utilize a movie production model in developing our games – to include scripts, storyboards, sketches, paintings and character sculptures – and have created a ‘Digital Backlot,’ essentially a library of high-resolution assets that is easily adapted for feature films.” We were lucky enough to see the movie, and we think it stands a pretty good chance, and should open the door for many more gaming companies to enter in the future.