Gamers’ Republic: Munch’s Oddysee [2000]

Date: October, 2000

Author: T. Stratton

Source: Gamers' Republic, Issue 29, p. 50

The founders of Oddworld have never bitten their tongue when talking about the development woes and crossroads they have had to overcome. Continuing the tradition of pushing console hardware to its known limits, the team at Oddworld has had to spend a considerable amount of time implementing special anti-aliasing filters to smooth out the visuals and bring the organic look Oddworld games have been known to deliver.

Because of the effort to deliver a flushed out look, Munch’s Oddysee will slip to a mid-2001 release. The game is playable and what little was ready has already left a lasting impression on us. We controlled Abe inside a huge factory, using the innovative Gamespeak to instruct other Mudokans to work. We also got to fidget with Munch, a curious fellow with a hankering for wheelchairs. Nothing we’ve seen on the PS2 has come close to this gripping display of visuals.