GamesMaster: Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee: Update! [2000]

Date: August 2000

Source: GamesMaster, Issue 97, p. 15

PlayStation2 gets its own Mario-beater?

Good news – the latest on the Oddworld update, Munch’s Oddysee – it’s good enough to be the PS2’s Mario 64! The 3D adventure was playable at E3 and will be ready for the US PS2 launch.

Apart from the nifty gameplay and glorious graphics the most impressive thing so far has been the camera. Even the best 3D adventures have had troublesome camera angles, but Oddworld uses special ‘camera logic’ which always swings round to give the player the most practical view for tackling the game. This demonstates the developers, Oddworld Inhabitants, aim to make the game as playable as possible for even first time gamers. This also means you won’t need your characters to be in exactly the right position to use switches and if you accidentally walk Munch into walls the game eases him round the obstruction rather than stopping him dead.

The only down side is that the developers have pretty much finished the game with no anti-aliasing bits on board, which means that (like most early PS2 games such as Ridge and Tekken, the edges are a little more jagged than we’d have liked. Rather than address the problem themselves they’re waiting for Sony to fix it for them. Here’s hoping either party gets their finger out and fixes it soon as it’s the only blot on a unique and gorgeous Oddworld landscape.