GameStock 2001 Chat

GameStock 2001 Chat

Date: 13/03/2001


Q: Good job on everything, and thanks for coming! Lorne: Although Much’s oddyssey looks awesome, I’ve heard rumors of Munch’s Odyssey being targeted for 3.6 mpps. Is this true, or has the target been changed? If so, to what?

Lorne Lanning: no. We have been targetting lower than that, as we care much about frame rate. 1.2 mmps is good enough at this date.

Lorne Lanning:
Okay, my drinking was too heavy last night. 3.6 is right. The calculator is now working. duh.

Q: I’m part of a very small group working on our first game, and I was wondering at what point did you know that your idea was going to make an incredible game, and how did you get over those rough spots in development..

Lorne Lanning: If you don’t believe it’s going to be an awesome game… you’re going to have a lot of problems. You need to believe in your game from the beginning.

Q: As far as size goes how big will the world of oddworld be in a comparison to actual size……….and what kind of things do you plan to use the Hard Drive for………..and could you please elaborate on this question……and one last thing…

Q: and will weather play a major role in the game and how long will one day be in actual time?

Lorne Lanning: Each outside level in Munch’s Oddysee will not be endless exploring. They will be contained within a few hundred acres of land. This allows us to contain the experience to flow in a way that we feel provides a good balance of exploration vs action.

Q: about the hard drive please, what will you use it for?

Lorne Lanning:
The harddrive is something that we’ve been looking at for loading speeds and savings schemes. We haven’t been targetting the hard drive too specifically yet as the dev system is still being refined for it. But regardless, the cpu, gpu, and RAM make… for enough of what we’re looking for at this point in time. It gives us what we need for the experience we want to create. Weather… will play a role when you are causing it to rain and heal the environment.