Hyper: Abe’s Exodus [1998]

Date: July 1998

Author: EF

Source: Hyper, Issue 57, p. 25

Abe’s Exodus



We all loved Abe’s Oddysee, so it’s no surprise that everyone’s got their knickers in a knot over the fact that a PlayStation sequel is on it’s way. We’ve mentioned before that an Oddworld game is in the works for Sega’s Katana… well… while that is still true (it’s called Munch’s Oddysee), it’s a bit way off to really worry about for now. In fact, Munch’s Oddysee is said to be the first official Abe’s Oddysee sequel, and the forthcoming Abe’s Exodus is simply something to tide us over until Munch arrives.

This more immediate sequel, Exodus, is looking pretty faitfhul to the first Oddworld – maybe even a little “more of the same” – but there’s nothing wrong with that seeing as the first game rocked so hard. Look at it kind of like an Abe’s Oddysee mission pack… there’s a whole new adventure, new creatures and new emotions for Abe to use on his journey. Of course, this means hours and hours of new interesting puzzles and levels full of tricks and traps – so I guess it means we’ll be locking ourselves in a dark room with this one and doing the playguide thing again. Cripes. Abe is a bit of a meaner dude this time around, and he’s up against some even tougher opponents, but he has some new abilities (like the face slap, and the ability to possess one of his own farts) to help him stay on top, so look forward to more Abe coolness. Yet another great-looking game on the way.