IGN vs. Abe

IGN vs. Abe [Hosted by IGN]

Date: 26 October, 2001
Interviewer: IGN
Interviewee: Abe

Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2001/10/26/ign-vs-abe

While we usually like to keep our vacations local — Napa, Alcatraz, the local waste management plants, that sort of thing — we recently had a chance to visit Oddworld, the beautiful, exotic planet home to Abe and Munch. Last time we talked with Vykkers lab jockeys Humphrey and Irwin, makers of some of Oddworld’s biggest products, like Butt-Flo.

But we also talked to the Gabbit himself, Munch. The little fella had plenty to say about the way his race had been treated by the Glukkons and the Vykkers, as well as a plan for revenge. Now we’ve had a chance to have a chat with Abe, the hero of your favorite Oddworld games, and the current savior-in-general of the planet. Sorry, no audio files this time — but there’s plenty of fart talk, if that makes up for it.


IGN Xbox: Nice to meet you Abe — thanks for giving us time out of your busy schedule. What have you been up to for the last couple of years, anyway?

Abe: I been trying to stay pretty low. You know, with that price on my head and all.

IGN Xbox: How have you adapted to being the savior of your race and all?

Abe: We’re all just a bunch o’ chumps and I’m just trying to do the right thing. Well, and hopefully not get all chopped and blown up along the way.

IGN Xbox: We’ve actually called you in to ask you some questions about the current state of Oddworld. Have you noticed anything a little odd about the recent Gabbit disappearances?

Abe: Yeah. Like there ain’t none. Just like everything else used to scamper about, not much of anybody wild around no more.

IGN Xbox: We’ve heard mixed reports about Vykker Labs and their products — you wouldn’t happen to have any ‘insider’ information, would you?

Abe: All’s I know bout Vykkers is that they got really big heads and are awfully mean to a lot of those furry types. Sometimes ya see some strange stuff skitterin around after a Vykkers got done playin with it.

IGN Xbox: How long have you known about this Munch character?

Abe: Oh, I guess we just got to know each other right about the time they stuck that thing in his brain.

IGN Xbox: I know you’ve had problems in the past with the Scrabs and the Paramite populations — any other new species you’ve had to deal with lately?

Abe: I don’t much mind running into those wild critters. At least ya know what they are and they don?t never lie about it. Not like those Interns and Vykkers I been bumpin into.

IGN Xbox: Any new tricks up your sleeve regarding this whole Vykker Labs thing?

Abe: I think the Mudokons were impressed when I started brushing my teeth. Now they help kick some booty for me. Oh, and my vocabulary is gettin better so I can boss em around more now.

IGN Xbox: What would you say to the critics (well, the Glukkons) that say you’re just a terrorist and a muckraker?

Abe: That’s just wrong.

IGN Xbox: How do you feel about the current line of soda products on the market on Oddworld?

Abe: Makes me fart.

IGN Xbox: Do you ever feel like there could be some future peace made between you and the Glukkons?

Abe: I wish we could all just get along. But until they stop chopping up us and everything else, then I’m a just gonna have to keep blowin their heads up.

IGN Xbox: What’s your hope for the future of the Mudokon race, besides the success of the Rehab & Tea chain?

Abe: I had a dream that one day all Mudokon will have clean loin clothes with no doodoo stains. They will have plenty of big fat larvae to eat. They will live simply with the land and have personal fitness trainers. Oh, and I’d just like to see everything have a proper label. Like, if a tasty treat is made of something, you know, like your brother — then you’d know and ya might not want to eat it.

IGN Xbox: Thanks for your time, Abe. Good luck with saving the world and all that.