IGN vs. Munch

IGN vs. Munch [Hosted by IGN]

Date: 12 October, 2001
Interviewer: IGN
Interviewee: Latamire Munch

Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2001/10/18/ign-vs-munch

While we usually like to keep our vacations local — Napa, Alcatraz, local waste management plants, that sort of thing — we recently had a chance to visit Oddworld, the beautiful, exotic planet home to Abe and Munch. Last time we talked with Vykkers lab jockeys Humphrey and Irwin and you can read that transcript here if you so desire.

But we also talked to the Gabbit himself, Munch. The little fella had plenty to say and we present that interview, in its entirety below.

IGN Xbox: Hey Munch — can you tell us a bit more about your species, the Gabbits? Many of us know very little about your amphibious ways.

Munch: Well… one time there were lots of us… and we lived in the Big Pond… That was a while ago, though, back when there were plenty of fishes to eat… but that was all before them nasty webs…NASTY WEBS!!! Now I’m figuring I’m all that’s left.

IGN Xbox: How does your race fit in with the rest of the populace on Oddworld?

Munch: Don’t know really… I was just a Gabbit minding its own business… but then the big head, nasty Vykkers come along… my brains been hurting ever since!

IGN Xbox: We’ve actually called you in to ask you some questions about the current state of Oddworld. Have you noticed anything a little… odd about the recent Gabbit disappearances?

Munch: I noticed my foot got caught in a mean ol’ Scrab trap and them big-headed Vykkers come to get me! That was pretty “odd.” Those nasty no lipped pill poppers turned my family into canned goods.

IGN Xbox: What’s with that new head jewelry, anyway?

Munch: Hrumph… That’s my little “present” from them big head Vykkers… Cut me open and put something cold up there… now whenever I think too hard sparks go flying… gotta watch my aim too… don’t want to toast any o’ my Fuzz-head buddies.

IGN Xbox: The Fuzzles seem to have a special connection with you. Why is that?

Munch: Me and the Fuzz heads helped each other escape Vykkers Labs… I use my spark plug sitting on my noggin to let ’em loose and they make Vykker chow out of any mean ol’ guards we cross. [laughs] kinda funny to see ’em tear into them Big Heads! Wouldn’t think it look’n at em… being all furry and fuzzily and all.

IGN Xbox: We’ve heard mixed reports about Vykker labs and their products — you wouldn’t happen to have any ‘insider’ information, would you?

Munch: Them Vykkers are bad news… like Abe’s farts but much worse! They make things up in their labs… scary things… and the stuff they do to my little Fuzzle buddies… [shivers] you don’t even want to know! And worst of all ¿ they eat our eggs… Gabbit eggs! Just thinking about it makes my spark plug crackle…

IGN Xbox: Have you been privy to any ‘unethical’ experiments going on inside the labs?

Munch: Unethical… you mean like eating a fella’s species or poking Fuzz-heads with yucky glop?!? If that’s what you, well, yes! These types of things have got to be put to a stop… and I’m just the Gabbit to do it!!!

IGN Xbox: Who’s this Abe character, and how is he helping you to save your race?

Munch: Abe ¿ that featherhead… he’s a good sort… for a guy with stitches in his lips…he don’t like to talk about that, though. He’s my buddy along with the Fuzz-heads. He’s helping me to take down them nasty big headed, Vykkers and get back what’s ours. Course, he gots to save his Mudokon brothers, he does.

IGN Xbox: How exactly do you plan on going against an entire corporation with a wheelchair, some fuzzy things, and a Mudokon?

Munch: [grins wickedly] Oh I might be just one Gabbit… but we gots plans for them Vykkers and their buddies… we gots plans. They might have the Moolah… but that’s not all it takes to get along in the world… we got the heart… and it doesn’t hurt to have a couple hundred angry ol’ Fuzz-heads on your side neither. Let’s just put it this way: I wouldn’t be investing no moolah in Vykkers Labs right about now.

IGN Xbox: Where did you learn those wheelchair skills from? You seem to have picked up the skill pretty quickly.

Munch: Well, when you get your foot caught in a Scrab trap, it makes it kinda tough to get around. Those spanky wheelchairs help me out… makes it a lot easier to keep up with Abey when we’re getting chased around by whatever… ‘cept he gets a little jealous when I pop dem wheelies [snickers]

IGN Xbox: Is there a message you’d like to give the happy consumers out there about Vykkers products?

Munch: If you needs your Butt Flo … better stock up now…cause me and Abey… we’re going to be sealing the tap on Vykkers Labs—and a word of advice to all you nasty Glukkons out there—you think a can of our eggs tastes good… wait till ya get a can of our whoop ass!