Incite Video Gaming: Preview Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee [2000]

Date: May 2000

Author: Annette Cardwell

Source: Incite Video Gaming, Issue 6, p. 78

The Odd Couple

Oddworld favorite Abe teams up with new hero Munch for a remarkable PlayStation2 adventure.

SYSTEM PlayStation2 PUBLISHER GT Interactive DEVELOPER Oddworld Inhabitants THEME Action/Adventure PLAYERS 1 AVAILABLE Q4 2000

Finally, a game PETA can get behind. Oddworld Inhabitants’ second installment in the Oddworld Quintology series, Munch’s Oddysee (Abe’s Exoddus was just a subchapter), brings you into the cheery world of animal testing, and you’re the guinea pig.

This time around, you can play as Abe as well as new pal Munch, an amphibious, crippled-but-resourceful Gabbit creature. Your mission is to stop the evil Vykker scientists who relish a little good old-fashioned animal testing and torture. Just as Abe was able to possess living creatures in the first games, Munch can possess machinery to use to his advantage. Plus, he rescues other animals from their testing demise to nurture them into bigger, dangerous allies.

With a whole new palette open to them on the PlayStation2, those mad storytellers at Oddworld are determined to create an organic, functioning 3D world sure to be unlike any previous console game. So, instead of the old platformer look, Munch is built on the updated A.L.I.V.E.2 engine and will give gamers the opportunity to roam the beautiful, crazed imaginations of Oddworld’s developers. As Oddworld puts it, “Before 128-bit, you couldn’t dream an experience like this one.”

The GameSpeak of old will return, but in a more advanced form. Instead of just simple commands, you’ll use speech to play with your environment more effectively. Plus, new action and attack options will open up in this highly developed landscape. Instead of shooting enemies, Oddworld claims it may be more more fun “to steal their ATM cards and drain their life savings” or “enslave them as sugar junkies.”

Of course, Munch is going to look amazing. The first views of real-time gameplay are breathtaking.

Thankfully, Oddworld’s herds of fantastical creatures will likely be ready in time for the PS2 US launch. Abe fans, keep your webbed Gabbit fingers crossed.

GETTING WARMER These Mudokons build a fire as they hang out at Alf’s Rehab & Tea.

HOT AIR ATTACK Invaders move in on Slig territory while one Slig sounds the alarm.

DRY AS A MUDOKON BONE These hungry Mudokon go scavenging. Funny how even the drought-stricken, arid Oddworld looks gorgeous, thanks to the PlayStation2.

HAMSTER HEAVEN This Mudokon slave isn’t on this teadwheel for his health; he’s the Sligs’ power source.


Q. Will there be a Munch’s Exoddus bonus game?

A. Oddworld promises a second part to Munch’s story that will also be a PS2 game. Apparently, it sees developing this second game as a way to stall making the third in the Quintology.

Q. So, when’s the third installment due?

A. The third game, to be called Oddworld: Squeek’s Oddysee, is in the works, but there’s some question, according to Oddworld, whether even the PS2 can handle what it’s planning to offer.

Q. What sort of plans does it have cooking?

A. Squeek’s chapter will supposedly be set in a “massive city of consumerism” such as New York or Hong Kong, with tons of inhabitants and buildings. Oddworld President Lorne Lanning says, “In the end, Oddworld is 10 times the size of earth.”