Introducing… Peter!

Date: 05/07/2019

Interviewee: Peter Chapman

(He’s the chap on the left)

Peter Chapman


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Marketing Manager

Q: How long have you worked with OWI?

Peter Chapman: Since February 2015, so four and a half years.

Q: Can you tell us briefly what your job entails?

Peter Chapman: I’m responsible for coordinating with all the places where we sell Oddworld games. That means I set up and maintain all the store pages on various digital stores, submit sales and promotions, work with partners like Limited Run Games and generally try to figure out how best to promote Oddworld’s amazing catalog of games and merchandise.

I’ve also had the opportunity to propose and consult on some small systems designs that might make it into Soulstorm. One of the best things about working for Oddworld is how much freedom we all have to put forward ideas and see them develop and grow into fun things in the game.

Q: What made you want to get into games dev?

Peter Chapman: I’ve always loved games but I don’t have the talent to be an artist and I’m not smart enough to be an engineer. So I kind of found a niche for myself around the edges with community building and games press. That interest in the art and craft of games naturally evolved into an interest in helping to make and market them. Luckily, Oddworld were convinced by my ability to do lots of different supporting roles, which is important in a small company, and they offered me a job!

Q: Favourite game of all time?

Peter Chapman: Favourite Oddworld game is probably Stranger’s Wrath. I love the Western theme and the gameplay is still so smart and fresh today. My favourite non-Oddworld game of all time is probably Flashback, a beautifully animated puzzle platformer with gorgeous background art and an alien setting… Sound familiar?!

Q: Why are you excited about Soulstorm?

Peter Chapman: I think I’m most excited by how ambitious it is. It’s still very much an Oddworld game but it’s so much bigger and more feature-packed than I would ever have been able to imagine.