Introducing… Tom!

Date: 30/05/2019

Interviewee: Tom Bramall



Tom Bramall


Twitter: @tombramall
Twitch: /tomb_art
IG: @tomb_art

Character artist / Cutscene lead

Q: How long have you worked with OWI?

Tom Bramall: I first worked with Oddworld as a staff member on the production of New ‘n’ Tasty, initially making the characters and working on the cutscenes later into development. After NNT was complete I began to pursue a Freelance career, but continued working with Oddworld on Soulstorm.

Q: Can you tell us briefly what your job entails?

Tom Bramall: My principal role is as a Character artist and I primarily work on creating the cinematic versions of our characters. I am also the lead of the Cinematics team, responsible for working with the other disciplines to pull together the characters and their animations into Unity. I build the sets, set up the shots with lighting + FX and generate the final renders. The Shaman and the Train sequence that were shown at Unite 2019 are some of my recent work.

Q: What made you want to get into games dev?

Tom Bramall: I was addicted to games as a kid and I’ve always had a huge passion for art, so the two naturally went hand-in-hand. I cut my teeth making mods for some of my favourite games at the time – Carmageddon 2, Half Life 2 and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I had so much fun doing those mods that I decided I wanted to get into games as a career.

Q: Favourite game of all time?

Tom Bramall: Of all time? Bloodborne.
Right at this moment? Escape from Tarkov.

Q: Why are you excited about Soulstorm?

Tom Bramall: For me, definitely the visuals. I’m a big fan of Oddworld from all the way back in the PSX demo disc days so it’s a real honour (and super cool) to be bringing these characters and scenes to life for current gen graphics… again!