Just Add Water About Abe

Just Add Water About Abe [Hosted by Rootgamer]

Date: 20/12/2013

Interviewer: Rootgamer

Interviewee: Stewart Gilray

Source: https://rootgamer.com/news/9132/add-water-abe

Stewart Gilray, CEO of Just Add Water sat down with Derk Klomp to talk about Oddworld: New-n-tasty and his thoughts about Linux gaming and the Linux release plans for the game. Oddworld: New-n-Tasty is a next gen remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Odysee but unlike most remakes Just Add Water wants to make this enjoyable for not only newcomers to Abe’s universe but also veteran gamers from the original game.

We are fully committed to all platforms – the game is scheduled for Linux, Mac, Windows and Wii U.

Stewart mentioned showing off his commitment to being a multi-platform company.

Rootgamer: The environment around Abe is artistic and somewhat odd, how did this concept world evolve?

Stewart Gilray: The world has distinct parallels with our own, ie big corporations exploiting the little guy, the worker. That oppression with the little guy standing up to and eventually destroying that corporation.

Rootgamer: What is the deal with Alf?

Stewart Gilray: Alf, well Alf is just a character in the world, but his name was inspired by a man in the UK called Alf Gamble, who wrote to the team back in 97/98 that he’d bought Abe’s Oddysee on PS1 with the last of his money, when he was at his lowest ebb, but the story of Abe helped him get over his worries and woes at that time in his life. He was so inspiring, we brought him into the game!

Rootgamer: What does it take to do a remake of a classic game without compromising the original?

Stewart Gilray: First and foremost it’s about ensuring you can capture the look but improve upon it, then it’s to make sure you can capture that element, the gameplay, make sure it plays as you remember it, fluid and responsive. Then you need to think about what do todays gamers expect, want and demand in the games they buy, and how you can apply that without upsetting fans of the original.

Rootgamer: Does supporting Linux require much effort? How does it effect development progress? (will Linux be available at game launch?)

Stewart Gilray: We’re fortunate that we are developing with an engine that supports Linux, so that takes a lot of the worry out of development. We are aiming to release the Linux version shortly after the main releases.

Rootgamer: What are your thoughts on the future of Linux gaming?

Stewart Gilray: I think of Valve. Steam has done well and I think the future is a bright future with lots of possibilities for gaming on Linux.

Rootgamer: What is your favorite game at the moment and what makes it special?

Stewart Gilray: Currently I’m playing through Assassin’s Creed IV on the PlayStation 4. The adventuring and historical battles between the Templars and Assassins gets me coming back every fall to see where the story is going.

Rootgamer: Any final thoughs for Linux gamers?

Stewart Gilray: We thought quite long and hard about supporting Linux, but it seems that with the support of Valve and others, and the work they have done. Linux’s future is looking better and better these days, let’s hope it does indeed go that way.