The boss of RuptureFarms and President in absentia of SoulStorm Brewery. Completely obsessed with achieving status and success whatever the cost, Molluck is the prodigal Glukkon son. If you think cruelty, ruthlessness, paranoia, and double-dealing are endearing traits, then Molluck is the C.E.O. for you. Missing in action since the destruction of RuptureFarms, Molluck is the subject of an exhaustive search by his masters, who hope they’ll find Molluck alive if only so they can have him shot.



Molluck did everything right. He was ruthless in keeping his operations profitable and was creative in solving problematic circumstances. One such creative solution, that of sacrificing the Mudokon labor pool of RuptureFarms 1029 to save the poor quarter’s bottom line, was what ultimately brought about his own down fall. It was his final creative solution, one that would ultimately have made him a hero, which indirectly triggered the consciousness of the “soon to be” Mudokon savior, Abe. Upon witnessing Mollucks proposed solution, Abe fell from ignorance and then systematically brought about the downfall of a great Glukkon.

Molluck was completely obsessed with success, the Glukkon way. He was single minded and highly intelligent. He was head of his class and loyal to the family in every way. Even after the fall of RuptureFarms 1029 and following disaster at SoulStorm Brewery 401, he still believed he could recover. He knew the Glukkon standard was ruthless, and that the Glukkon Queen would certainly serve punishment upon him, but he still believed that he could ultimately repair the damage. He was devoted and a true believer in the pursuit of wealth. No matter how bad things had become, he would pull it out. Even though disaster had struck and his small empire had crumbled, his belief system would not budge. No oddly disaster or mishap could bend the determination of such an obsessed and driven individual. Thus, only death would open Molluck’s eyes.



Glukkon™ (executive class worker)

Reproduction Model
As a worker class Glukkon,
Molluck has no reproductive organs


Average Life Span
65 years

Expensive cigars, private dirigible, membership to the most expensive social clubs, Molluck had it made. He had climbed, back stabbed, and plotted his way to the top of the Glukkon business hierarchy. He was well respected and equally feared amongst his peers. He lived for business and dreamed of fulfilling his ultimate goal. He envisioned himself rising to the highest level of Glukkon status. Molluck was bound to create his very own brew and cigar labels.

As CEO of RuptureFarms 1029 and also CEO ofSoulStorm Brewery 401, Molluck was responsible for operations and product planning. It was his job to keep these Glukkon franchises profitable. He had worked his way up the corporate ladder since his first job as a Flub Fuels Fill Station manager.

Primary Interest
Molluck spent his entire life pursuing the acquisition of wealth and status. He believed in working hard and he put in the hours. He was dedicated to his job, his mother, and the family ideals. He was the prodigal Glukkon son.

Secondary Interest

Physical Traits
Attractive by Glukkon standards, he walks on his hands like most Executive Class Glukkons, and has awful cigar breath.

Production Design

Nothing worthwhile happens without pain. In the case of Production Design, it is the pain of revision. Hundreds — sometimes thousands — of iterations are required before a finished design can emerge. Molluck the Glukkon is the first Oddworld villain to be created for Abe’s Oddysee.

Computer Graphics

Nothing on Oddworld would exist — from the most complex Inhabitant down to a simple blade of grass — if not for the wizardry of the Computer Graphics department. It’s their job to model every nut, bolt, and screwball on Oddworld … then bring them to life with skillful animation and a loving eye for consistency and detail.