New ‘N’ Tasty Game Manual

How To Play / Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty

Authors: Alex Carroll & William Bunce-Edwards 




This Manual

You must keep your RuptureFarms Employee Manual with you at all times. A microfilm version of this document will be tattooed on your inner eyelids, so you may review it while you sleep. Failure to comply will result in your execution.

The contents of this manual can (and will) be changed at the whim of Molluck the Glukkon. Your manual will not be updated, but you will still be responsible for any changes.


Read the following statements to indicate your receipt of and submission to the RuptureFarms Employee Manual:

1) I have received a copy of the RuptureFarms Employee Manual. I understand that the policies, rules, and benefits described in it, while obscure to me, are nonetheless above reproach and subject to change on an hourly basis.

2) I further understand that my life and my employment are terminable at will, either by myself or by any Slig, regardless of the length of my employment or the granting of benefits of any kind, including but not limited to heat, food, shelter, continued oxygen supply, and the issuance of non-existent stock-option benefits that will never amount to a hill of Meech Puds.

3) I am aware that in the course of my employment, I will never know What Is Going On. Further, I agree that should I overhear secret management discussions or become enlightened in any way as to the True Motives and Means of RuptureFarms and the Magog Cartel, that I will a) first explain these Motives and Means to a Company Officer, because they themselves do not know What Is Going On, then, b) report to the nearest SlaughterNode for immediate processing into a novelty food product, contingent upon such Early Retirement and Flavor Of The Month programs as are in service at that time.

Thank you for joining RuptureFarms.



Play Game

Employees keen to get to work should choose ‘Play Game’ from the main menu. What does it do? Well, Mudokon, you’ll have to click it to find out, but once you do you’ll find yourself presented with a series of further choices: game difficulty, number of players and so on. We think you’re up to the job, that’s why we hired you. Well, that and the fact that your flesh goes great on toast, but we’ll worry about that later.


To interact with your fellow Mudokons, something that’ll be punishable by immediate and endlessly painful electrocution should you try, ←→↑↓ will suffice enough to get their attention and convince them to follow you. We’ve seen Mudokons using R2 and ←→↑↓ to whistle, laugh and — well, other disgusting habits. We don’t approve, so don’t do it – that’s why we’ve created the test chamber there on the menu so you can try it without risk of death.


The options menu will let employees tweak various settings, including visual, audio and controls.


Want to know the minds that were behind creating this very factory you find yourself encased within? The Credits option within Extras will light the way. You’ll also find a few other staff training videos, approved musical interludes and a selection of motivational goodies: perhaps there’s something that might make Abe look a little more fetching. If you’re feeling low and payday is still a year away, chances are you’ll find temporary but welcome solace here.

Remote Play

Packing a PS Vita in your loincloth, are you? You’ll find touching the top left of the touchscreen acts as L2, the top right as R2. Touch both, then, to chant.

In-Game Menu

There’s an omnipresent (and wonderfully helpful) menu accessible via the OPTIONS button on your floor-waxer whilst you’re working away. From there you can clock in and out and utilise the dramatic power of Mudos clouds to ensure your progress can be continued at leisure on other devices.




You are a schmuck. You’re a lowly, bottom-level employee of RuptureFarms, and it’s our Job to make sure you Do Your Job with minimal expenditure from us. That means little rest, even less food and the biggest and best in floor-waxing technology. You might be thin and fatigued, but your colleagues will be swooning in jealousy at your high-tech equipment.

But profits are low. Scrab Cakes and Paramite Pies aren’t the big hit they used to be, and Meech Munchies are long gone. We’re looking for new meat, and we’re hoping that, ultimately, you’ll be able to help us with that.

You’re not alone in RuptureFarms. You are one of countless cogs in our machine, and you must all Do Your Job. Talking to your colleagues or interacting with them in any way impedes their Job and is strictly prohibited. Employees caught speaking will be impeded by Slig Security. Remember, they’re here to work, just like you, but once your minimal placement period has passed, perhaps you’ll meet them at the staff bar for a drink one evening. Being social is nice, but not within working hours. That’s Off Limits and we’ll electrocute you in a heartbeat.

Some golden rules:

1) If we see anyone making portals and allowing fellow workers to exit the plant, we’ll be sending Sligs your way quicker than you can say “Follow Me”. And they’re reasonably good shots. Got it?

2) Ensure sleeping Sligs are allowed to do just that. Sneak quietly, and don’t operate any lifts. If you wake one, your contract is nulled and they’ll kill you instantly, and if not instantly then quicker than you can run to the nearest trap door switch.

3) If you decide to leave RuptureFarms, remember that you’re not actually allowed to do so, and you’ll be shot, eaten, mined, blended and zapped immediately.

4) You might think you recognise some of the Mudokons as they go about their business, chatting inanely at whoever’s listening. Remember: you don’t. We’ve pitch-shifted everyone.

5) Save often.


That’s us. Some consider us awkwardly unpleasant, unforgiving individuals that don’t take very kindly to subversion. But we’re bosses, and that’s just how things work. Let us do our thing and we’ll keep our ways separate; cross us, and we’ll see you in the boardroom for a ‘pep talk’. The result: we’ll be relieving you of your services and making the most of your juicy flesh.


RuptureFarms is staffed by our finest Sligs, patrolling guards with attractive red visors, deadly automatic weapons and a limited sense of humour. Mess around, be late for work, try to escape before your day is done or attempt petty theft in relation to a vending machine and they’ll dice you up quicker than you can say “Down Boy!”.

And speaking of which, the faithful Slogs, normally found lapping at the android-like metallic heels of the nearest Slig, aren’t to be messed with either. Our tip: just do your work and keep away, but if you encounter one remember that nobody survives a rusty saw-blade to the head.

Foreign Bodies

Although we don’t recommend employees actually read books, watch the video-screens or otherwise gain knowledge of the surrounding lands and species, let us preempt any watercooler tittle-tattle by saying “yes, there are Scrabs and Paramites outside of these inescapable walls”. But they’re not nice, Mudokon, and they’re hungry.

Scrabs, for one, are huge and fast and come with razor sharp teeth and terrible breath – and they’re fiercely territorial and normally stick to their own hunting ground. Paramites swarm and scurry around you with reckless abandon, curious enough alone but generally hate being cornered and quickly turn aggressive when in packs. Thankfully, it’s not just your meat they’re hungry for.

Scrabs and Paramites are best left alone, but then — naturally — we won’t be allowing any such niceties. You’re staying right here in RuptureFarms. Think of it as us looking after you, with the added benefit of sub-minimum wage and as much of your own species as your stomach can take. After all, if you’re out there, in the horrible desolate wastelands worrying about some invented shamanistic super-being that nobody’s ever even seen, who’s going to ensure you’re fed, watered and regularly producing gas?


Elums are one of our most delicate of delicacies, but don’t be mistaken — they absolutely wouldn’t be your friend and definitely wouldn’t let you ride them if you found one out in the wild — fire it our way and it’ll be turned into Chubs faster than you can utter “Where’s my commission?!”. But there’s also bats, bees and other dastardly b-words – and if you slack off we’ll sneak a few into your sleeping pod at night. You’ve never had a morning-after like one that comes from a bite from a Mudos bat.

Tasty Treats

Since their inception 15 years ago, Tasty Treats has taken the meat market by storm, smashing all previous preconceptions of how popular novelty meat snacks can be. Starting with three flagship products (Scrab Cakes, Meech Munchies and Paramite Pies) and expanded to a range of dozens, Tasty Treats are a veritable safari of tastes and textures from the untamed beasts of Mudos’s fringes, processed and packaged for your convenience.

We reserve the right to not tell employees about future Tasty Treats. Even if it involves them directly.



Walking And Running

To walk, something you’ll need to do each and every day of the rest of your life here at RuptureFarms (because that’s what we’re paying you to do – walk the waxer) nudge the left analog stick slightly left or right. Hint: go right when you first start, left’s a bit messy from the last Slig Annual Party, with barrels everywhere. The further you push the stick, the faster you’ll run – that’s just science, Mudokon.


To sneak, which makes you walk quieter when the Sligs need their beauty sleep, hold L1. To return to normal movement, release it, but remember, waking a sleeping staff-member is punishable by death. We have many, many ways of killing you — why not try them all one day? We’ll help you fulfil your dreams.

Hoisting And Lowering

To hoist up to a higher ledge – say to collect some dirt off the floor above, or plug in your waxer – stand near the edge and press X. Press X again to hoist up. Conversely, and rather unsurprisingly, to lower yourself down safely, stand near the edge of a ledge and push the left analog stick down.


To jump up, push the X button. To hop, push the X button whilst also tapping left or right. You can do this whilst running for a long jump, or to grab hold of a ledge. Yes, we’ve moved a few buttons around but they’re better now.

Crouching And Rolling

Press O to crouch, which will enable you to get through smaller gaps and look somewhat hedgehog-like as you spiral forwards. As a valued employee of RuptureFarms, you can move whilst crouched with the left analog stick, and you can switch into a roll whilst running by also pressing O. And jump out of a roll with X. You get the idea. Just don’t do this at night time or you’ll end up as a Pop; for some reason Mudokons make a heck of a racket rolling about.


We here at RuptureFarms thought would be the perfect button to let you get intimate with a lift, or press a switch, or pull a lever. It works well, just a little flick of the thumb is enough to set things in motion time and time again, and although sending helpless Mudokons to their death is absolutely NOT funny, it’s worth doing once, right? Remember though, if we run out of staff, we go looking for more, and they’re YOUR friends.


Chanting is a myth, and Mudokons that attempt a chant will explode immediately and nobody will ever remember they existed. Not even your best Mudokon buddies. It’s not even a fancy visual effect, it’s just blackness, and we’ve heard that it’s something some never recover from.

L2 and R2 does it, though, if you’re feeling like upsetting your delicate employers (and potentially taking out any of your colleagues nearby). There’s certainly no possession possible, despite the rumors, and talk of portals and other gossip is just that. Chanting is not cool.


Lots of things, like slabs of fresh meat (just don’t ask where it came from), stones and rather lethal grenades litter the factory. Sorry. If you can’t ignore them, simply hold the Right Stick to start the throwing motion, aim and then tap R1 to throw. Experiment with positioning, timing and trajectory for some interesting results. Hold onto a grenade for five seconds for even more interesting results.

And if you’ve run out of things to throw (when you really should be waxing the walkways) chances are you’re so dependent on SoulStorm brew that you’re the type that collects bottle-tops. But note that rubbish left on the floor is rubbish; let’s all dispose of it correctly.


Employee health is represented by a series of flocking, mystical birds, somehow attracted to the shiny green bonces of our staff. Press and hold to see how close you are to being sliced up into Mudokon Pops. We’ll leave you to figure out how to get more health if you’re dumb enough to hurt yourself – and no, there are no big white boxes of bandages around these parts.


To interact with your fellow Mudokons, something that we’ve already said will be punishable by immediate and most definitely painful electrocution should you try, ←→↑↓ will suffice enough to get their attention.




This is your new home. It’s a grim, dirty place, but that’s fine as we’re paying you to make it clean and tidy, right? It’s a vast, sprawling factory, one filled with danger, odorous calamity and flashing lights, and you’ll have to have your wits about you if you want to make it alive day to day. Remember, the whole building was designed with one thing in mind: grinding up creatures for meat, and the amount of pies leaving the factory is a constant surprise to our accountants — don’t end up in one by playing the fool.

And don’t try to find any so-called ‘secret’ areas. If there were any, we’d know about them, and we’d have sealed them all long ago off under hinged trap-doors.


Around the Farms is an impenetrable, deadly array of holding pits – huge cages filled with Scrabs. Hungry, desperate Scrabs. No chance you’ll get past them, and if you do, there’s always the motion detectors we’ve installed that come with a lovely surprise if you set one off.

Free-Fire Zone

The Sligs are wild, the traps are numerous and it’s dark, so it’s going to be one long night out there, if that’s the way you want to treat your employers. Suffice to say that we’ve left plenty of mines and motion detectors (for your own safety, of course) but don’t pay much attention to the Mudokons left hanging in bags, or skewered on sticks. They’re just for show. We wish you the very best of luck out there — just don’t come back with your tail between your legs.

Monsaic Lines

We’ve heard many things about Monsaic Lines. They’re apparently filled with Mudokons like you, and there’s talk of a greater being that’s leading the simple-folk astray. Our advice, should you ever decide to visit these so-called beautiful lands, is to keep yourself to yourself and don’t listen to anyone or anything. Remember, we’re your friends, not those guys.

Monsaic’s pretty much just the gateway to other areas, anyway. It’s an incredibly hard sell in the travel brochures and the natives can be a real pain to get along with, making sure that only the most trustworthy of approachers gain entry. Oh, and it’s full of falling boulders.


Ah, the land of the Paramites. They make great pies, as we’re sure you’ll be well aware of. In fact, we provided three such tasty treats as part of your welcome package – we hope you heated them up to a fair temperature first, mind; they seem to attract all manner of bugs and lice during the packaging process. Regardless, don’t bother with Paramonia – it’s cold, dark and the massive temple at the centre will only make you sick with envy. Stick to your sleep pod here at RuptureFarms.


Farming for Scrab Cakes isn’t easy. They’re big, brutal beasts and although there’s been a rash of inflation over the last few years, we reckon our prices reflect the declining numbers out there. We’re having to go further afield to pick up the juiciest subjects, and although Scrabania’s a big place, it’s also one full of angry Scrabs that don’t like to like us much for stealing their offsprings for our menus. It’s no beach resort, we can tell you, and it’s another land apparently grandiose enough to warrant a temple.




Let’s face it, you’re just an employee and this is your first day. If you want things to present themselves on a plate, we’ve offered you the ability to transcend space and time, and perform a QuikSave. This means if you’re facing a tricky jump, want to stare at a security orb for a while or you’re scared of a lift-button, we’ll let you go right back if you mess up and want to do it again. It’s not cheating, it’s a helpful life-line for the incapable, the fearful, the weak. But that’s only because we love you really, deep down.

And because you’re weak.


We’ll automatically save your progress as you make your way through the game. Checkpoints will trigger after key events, and should you die, we’ll flip you back to the last safe(ish) spot in the game. This helps us with staff retention and hiring fees – it’s cheaper to install the magic hocus-pocus that keeps your heart running than pay the ridiculous agency fees to find another worker.

Returning To The Game

Once you’ve saved (or the game has saved your progress automatically) returning to your last location is as simple as selecting Play Game and then Continue. When you reboot the game, you’ll notice a choice of three save files, with one of them already populated with your current progress, along with a mocking reminder of your inability to rescue your fellow Mudokons.



A Thank You

Thanks, Mudokon, for taking this job on. We really, really appreciate your efforts and hope that one day you’ll be able to progress to second assistant junior floor waxer. We’ve seen at least one guy do that a few years back, and he tasted excellent.

But seriously, work here at RuptureFarms might be without much in the way of hope or future prospects, but you’re among friends, Mudokons just like yourself who spend every waking moment dedicated to the company ethos. They don’t try to escape, they don’t try to join forces with mystical beings and they certainly aren’t interested in overthrowing our cartel.

So don’t get any big ideas.