Next Generation: What did Super Mario 64 ever do for videogames? The 10 Commandments of 3D games [1999]

Date: January 1999

Source: Next Generation, Issue 49, p. 86

6. Thou Shalt not kill the character
The best games have a lot of personality

Despite being 2D, Abe’s Oddysee boasts as much depth as nearly all 3D platform games. The secret, according to Oddworld president Lorne Lanning, lies in its characterization. “Platform games are just a vehicle to make a movie and story experience in gameplay,” she says. “The platform format allows the developer and the gameplayer to focus on character. Bringing them to life, giving them more brains — this is what’s going to suck in the rest of the world.”

(p. 87)

9. Thou shalt not steal, stupidly
Do you even need to make a Mario clone?

Should 3D, free-roaming games be made at all?
For Abe’s Oddysee, Oddworld created a deeply unfashionable — yet successful — 2D game. Why? “It was largely due to the power of the PlayStation,” says Lorne Lanning. “We thought fun, gameplay, and creativity were more important than the latest trick in technology. We see that everything we create is going to translate into 3D once the power to deliver the same quality art, animation, and AI is available, but 2D lets us get the ball rolling.”