Oddworld’s Inhabitants: Chris Ulm, Assistant Director / Writer

Oddworld's Inhabitants: Chris Ulm, Assistant Director / Writer [Hosted by Oddworld.com]

Date: April 1, 2001

Interviewer: Oddworld.com

Interviewee: Chris Ulm

This month’s interview is with Chris Ulm, the best damn Ass. Director in the business. A fecund father of three, Chris was Editor-in-Chief of Malibu Comics before joining Oddworld as a game designer during Abe’s Exoddus. After bewildering us with a blizzard of slate screens and a level design sensibility that would drive Rube Goldberg to put a bullet in his brain, the Ulm bootstrapped himself out of game design and into a role that none of us really understand. Maybe Chris will shed some light on just what the hell it is he does around here every day in this exclusive profile.

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Q: What’s your background(education, jobs)?

Chris Ulm: In my youth, I somehow managed to procure a degree in history, which in no way prepared me for a career move into the wild and wooly world of comic book publishing. As co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Malibu Comics, I developed a wide number of titles including Men In Black and the Ultraverse universe of super-hero characters. Malibu catapulted to fame and some small degree of fortune, eventually becoming acquired by Marvel Entertainment (the X-Men guys). I stayed at Marvel for about a year then started MainBrain Productions with some other talented ex-Malibuites. At MainBrain, I worked with Universal Cartoon Studios, Klasky-Csupo, Marvel, Dark Horse and a bunch of other clients. A behind-the-scenes admirer of Oddworld, I joined the company shortly before Abe’s Oddysee came out — and just in time to jump on the Abe’s Exoddus team where I did conceptual and level design and co-wrote the CG movies. For the last 100 years (or so it seems!) I’ve been working on Munch’s Oddysee in the capacity of Assistant Director.

Q: Who are your biggest influences? Why?

Chris Ulm: Basically, I’m a geek. I’m a fanatical reader and have a wide range of pop culture influences: comic books, fantasy and science fiction novels, movies of every stripe, board games, role-playing games, miniatures, fiction, mythology, history, business strategy, technology, etc. There are a creative ton of people who have influenced me over the years, but lately I’ve been stuck on directors: John P. Lasseter, Ang Lee and Cameron Crowe are three that I really, really admire. In terms of game design, I have to give the nod to Sid Meier. But the biggest impact on me personally and creatively has definitely been Lorne Lanning (you know where to send the check, Lorne).

Q: As one of the first Inhabitants, do you have any stories from the early days of Oddworld you could share?

Chris Ulm: I’m actually one of the first “second wave” Inhabitants, so I don’t have any really early stories of the gang sleeping on the streets or panhandling for spare change to keep the electricity on.

Q: What kind of a place is the Oddworld Studio?

Chris Ulm: A nice environment with fresh coffee. It’s ordered enough to feel neat yet there’s room to have your own individuality and a nice desk to put your coffee cup. The company supplies free coffee, fruit, bagels and the internal management and tech staff are terrific. And did I mention fresh, delicious, caffeine-soaked coffee?

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Chris Ulm: When’s that? Actually, I’ve somehow managed to acquire three daughters in the last three years, so when I’m not working, I’m searching desperately for a quiet place to sleep.

Q: List your top 5 favorite films and/or books?

Chris Ulm: Oh jeez. Okay, there’s a fantasy series out now by George E.E. Martin called “A Song Of Ice And Fire” that I’ve already read twice. Terrific storytelling and a lot of fun. Other than that, I’ve been knee deep in reading business biographies and economic case studies (who you callin’ boring?) Top Five Books: Catch-22, Dune, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers, The Hobbit. Top Five Films: Toy Story, Braveheart, Almost Famous, The Graduate, Aliens.

Q: Where do you see Oddworld in 10 years?

Chris Ulm: Striding the earth like a Colossus.

Q: What do you like best about coming to work? What’s the worst part?

Chris Ulm: The best part is working with talented people and solving problems. The worst part is working with talented people who cause problems!

Q: Is it true you can’t eat junk food and still be an Inhabitant?

Chris Ulm: I deny all knowledge.

Q: If you could change jobs with one of the other Inhabitants who would it be and why?

Chris Ulm: I’d trade places with our resident image monger and Senior Production Designer Farzad Varahramyan. But, as I have trouble drawing a straight line, I don’t think it’s going to happen. The great thing about production design is that pencils don’t run out of memory and paper doesn’t crash (by the way, I stole this line from Jeff Brown, our Lead Designer).

Q: What is the longest “day” you’ve ever spent at Oddworld?

Chris Ulm: Yesterday.

Q: How do you feel about Munch’s move to the Xbox?

Chris Ulm: Great…I have to say that Microsoft has been very supportive and I’m excited about the machine. It’s a very smart design and an excellent platform to develop for.

Q: What at Oddworld are you most proud of?

Chris Ulm: Lately, I’ve been most proud of the CG movies that Farzad and I have been working on under Lorne’s direction. They’re a blast.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be an Assistant Director?

Chris Ulm: Check your ego in at the door and prepare to be overwhelmed.

Q: Who is your favorite Oddworld character and why?

Chris Ulm: Munch. He’s tragically funny and a blast to write for and to play in the game.