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Rob Brown – Art Director

Entry #1 [13 November, 2000]: Greetings from Oddworld! Each month, Odd Squad will spotlight the weekly thoughts, notes, and experiences of one of Oddworld’s Inhabitants. Starting this week, we feature Art Director, Rob Brown, who reflects on the ways of production design, donuts, and kung fu.

Entry #2 [20 November, 2000]: Greetings from Oddworld! Odd Squad will spotlight the weekly thoughts, notes, and experiences of one of Oddworld’s Inhabitants. This week Art Director, Rob Brown’s second entry reflects on creating monsters, cooking and luck. Not necessarily in that order!

Entry #3 [27 November, 2000]: Greetings from Oddworld! Odd Squad will spotlight the weekly thoughts, notes, and experiences of one of Oddworld’s Inhabitants. This week Art Director, Rob Brown’s third entry reflects on why we are fans of Oddworld. Not necessarily in that order!

Entry #4 [4 December, 2000]: What does an Art Director do at Oddworld?

Aimee Smith – Art Wrangler

Entry #1 [11 December, 2000]: Aimee Smith is something of a vagabond, having lived and worked on the east coast, the west coast, and points between. Aimee has served time as a customer support person for a major PC manufacturer (and those stories you hear about numbskulls with loopy questions are ALL TRUE), and she’s the creator of an ongoing online comic strip, Ice Cream For Breakfast. She’s smart, charming, funny, and hard to define — which makes her perfect for the job of Art Wrangler, an Oddworld position which no one understands, but upon which everyone depends. What is an Art Wrangler? Read on, for Aimee’s own explanation…

Mark Ahlin – Sr. Realtime Modeler

Entry #1 [18 December, 2000]: Mark “Utah” Ahlin has long since developed a reputation for busting his rear end in service to Oddworld — but this Thanksgiving he did himself one better, emerging from a serious car accident with a busted top end, as well. Now, join Mark “Fractured Skull” Ahin with this month’s Odd Squad notes, and cut the guy some slack if he babbles or drools a bit. He’s lucky to be alive.

Dan Kading – Game Designer

Entry #1 [2 January, 2001]: Our January Odd Squad features Dan Kading, past programmer, present game designer, and future bright light of the industry. Scope out Dan’s insights on the craft and purpose of game design and the hurdles Dan had to cross in his quest to find a job where his unique peculiarities are an asset, rather than a hindrance.

Entry #2 [8 January, 2001]: When Game Designer Dan Kading was about 6 years old, he was accidentally abandoned by his family during a two car road trip at a gas station. The attendant, in an attempt to stop his wails of despair, gave him a limitless supply of quarters to play the PAC man machine. Eventually the driver of each car realized that he was in fact -not- in the other person’s car, and came back to pick him up, by which time Dan already developed a nasty comfort-addiction. The result: Dan fled the country to go to college in Canada, graduated with distinction, and found himself working at Oddworld Inhabitants, where his first professional code can be seen in Abe’s Exoddus. He’s still afraid of gas stations, though. Read part two of Dan’s journal…

Entry #3 [15 January, 2001]: In a desperate attempt to counteract my decided lack of ‘flavor’, I have been directed by my superiors to make this particular article about the other designers here at Oddworld, who can be safely said to have abundant flavor. Read part three of Dan’s journal…

Entry #4 [22 January, 2001]: Game Designer, Dan Kading’s takes us down the long and winding road of his final journal entry.

Eric Yiskis – Lead Programmer

Entry #1 [2 February, 2001]: This month, our Oddsquaders are the dynamic duo of Eric Yiskis and Craig Ewert, two of the talented programmers behind Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee. Eric and Craig have been with Oddworld practically since the beginning, and have played an indispensable role in every Oddworld game. As a special added bonus for readers of our webpage, we’ve persuaded Eric and Craig to translate their ravings from a string of binary code into simple English! Enjoy!

Entry #2 [20 February, 2001]: “Our Crystal Balls are Fuzzy” is Eric Yiskis’ second and final journal entry. Eric talks about programming for Munch’s Oddysee.

CG Department

Entry #1 [1 March, 2001]: First up in this month’s Odd Squad is Jr. Technical Director Ryan Ellis. The CG Department’s favorite fair-haired boy, Ryan is a native of the state of Washington and attended the Vancouver Film School before bringing his bright talents to Oddworld Inhabitants. Check out Ryan’s observations in his web correspondence debut.

Entry #2 [12 March, 2001]: In the spirit of all things “odd”, this week we feature our five CG super-wunderkins who hail from Vancouver Film School. Originally from Mexico, Canada and the U.S., these young turks are talented, energetic, tiredless, passionate and hip. Super cool artist types… or just geek hybrids? You decide!

Entry #3 [26 March, 2001]: Last but not least, we feature the “adults” of the CG dept., John and Shawnalee. John is know for his Hawaiian shirts. Shawn is a super Mom, athlete, and friend to all.

Production Design Department

Entry #1 [1 April, 2001]: Yeah, yeah, it plays great, but how does it LOOK? Keepers of the Oddworld vision, the Production Designers are responsible for the look and design of every creature, vehicle, venue, nut, bolt, and screw of the ever-expanding Oddworld universe. If it looks cool, thank a Production Designer (if it looks goofy, blame a Game Designer, but that’s another subject). Pull up a chair and listen in while Farzad Varahramyan and his talented crew reveal the secrets of Oddworld’s Crown Jewels — the Production Design Department.

Entry #2 [16 April, 2001]: Art Center College of Design graduate Gautam Babbar adds to the creativity,imagination and humor of the Oddworld art department. From rough concept sketch to painted color comp, he is responsible for many of the Native and Industrial Facilities for Munch’s Oddysee. Just recently a digital illustration he created with the CG dept. was accepted into Spectrum 8: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. His love of design and movies is evident in his journal entry.

Entry #3 [23 April, 2001]: Fresh out of high school Raymond Swanland worked briefly as a freelance graphic artist and attended Cal Poly when lightning struck and some lucky networking landed him in an unexpected job at a little known local video game developer named Oddworld Inhabitants. School now a distant memory and two games under his belt, Raymond is now designing for Oddworld’s next generation of games – and loving it. Read his thoughts on being a production designer.

Administration Department

Entry #1 [1 May, 2001]: She lives a glamorous life. She lunches with the Glukkons™ to try to get inside information. She helps Mudokons build huts on her weekends because she truly believes in the power of nature. She spends time with the Meetles and the Slogs because they feel overlooked at times. And she’s trying to train an Elum. Yes, she lives and breathes Oddworld. But really folks, her daily life is a little different…

Entry #2 [8 May, 2001]: Everything you wanted know about our Admin. gang but were afraid to ask…

Entry #3 [21 May, 2001]: He’s the the office librarian, grocer, carpenter, painter, display booth maker, framer, plumber, artist, chauffeur, delivery person, package designer, prop master, office supplies supplier, copier, label maker, recycler, mover, mounter,therapist, sculptor, gamer and all around good guy. Meet Dave…