OddChat CG Team [2001]

OddChat CG Team [2001]

Date: 23/03/2001

Description: OddChat's third official chat with Oddworld Inhabitants saw the guys from the CG department dropping in and answering questions relating to the FMVs and creatures of Oddworld.

    Scott: Animator
    Mauricio: Animator
    Matt: Technical Director
    Iain: Technical Director
    Ryan: Technical Director
    JohnB: Technical Director
    Aimee: Art Wrangler
    Alf/Cheese: Mudokon
    Marke_P: Technical Director

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20070706175224/http://oddworld.au.com/site/features/chat-oddchat3.php

Abe_Babe: Hello everyone and welcome to OddChat… today the CG folks from Oddworld will be answering questions about the FMVs and the characters in Oddworld

Aimee: is it okay if I lurk?

Scott: Nacos Grandes!

Marke_P: Look everybody, AIMEEEEEEEEEE from real time is here!!!

MAURICIO: Naco_tastic

ALF: Aimee, you may lurk!!


Aimee: *waves*

Abe_Babe: If everyone from Oddworld would like to introduce themselves, then we’ll get started

MAURICIO: so, any questions???

Sydney: start asking your questions people

RYAN: hello everyone!

Scott: YESH! I would like to know who let the dogs out?

ALF: Waves back.

Hi, I’m Scott Easley, Senior Animator at Oddworld. Been here all six years.

RYAN: woof woof!

And I can’t spell.

Marke_P: new snake?

MAURICIO: I am Mauricio, I am a Naco

Scott: Que Bueno!

Aimee: *groans*

Matt: Hey…I’m Matt Aldridge, Technical Director at Oddworld. Been here 2 years now.

ALF: Major groans!

Scott: Major Disaster!

Marke_P: Hi, I’m Marke Pedersen and I’m a jr. technical director (and a paratrooper)

ALF: What about Marke

MAURICIO: I am an animator and junior TD

RYAN: Hello I am Ryan I have been at Oddworld for almost a year now I am a Jr. TD

Scott: Marke, I LOVED you in the movie “Nacos From Heck!”

oooooooooooohhh i’m matt, I’ve been here two years, na na na

Scott: na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye….

Matt: On and added note, I’m one of the few that isn’t Canadian.

Aimee: Hi, I’m Aimee, the Art Wrangler from RT. I’m not really in CG

ALF: Well, I’m Alf, and I’m older than all of you

Scott: I’m not Canadian, I’m Catholic.

MAURICIO: So… I love clowns, how about you guys???

Marke_P: Marke P – Proud Canadian

Who’s for mousse?

ALF: AbeBabe . . . questions please!

I’m wearing a bunny suit. Does that count for anything?

I am from Mexico City… true

Scott: hop hop hoppity hop.

Abe_Babe: I think that’s everyone introduced… so I’ll start the questions going

Abe_Babe: [Necro_Master1] How many movies will be featured in MO?

Scott: hoppy hop hop trip crunch ow. Hop hop hop


Scott: It waxes and wanes, but there will be plenty.


Sydney: OWI: if possible, could you please type !end when you are ready for the next question?

Scott: yesh. !end

Aimee: thanks Sydney !end

Sydney: [Lampion] How much time of FMV will we watch in Munch’s Oddysee?

Scott: hop hop hop hop !end

Enough to blow your mind

Scott: !end

Marke_P: It waxes and wanes, but there will be plenty !end

Scott: It waxes on, it waxes off. !end

Abe_Babe: [videogameplaya81] roughly how long does it take to make one of the cg movies?

MAURICIO: It depends on the level of complexity

Matt: Including hard labor… 12 days.

Matt: !end

MAURICIO: time – number of characters – people on strike

Scott: That’s not earth-days, but Mars-days. !end

Sydney: [Necro_Master1] What new Oddworld critters will be seen in the new movies? and are they hard to make?

Marke_P: FUZZLES!!!

Scott: INTERNS!! !end

Matt: RATS!!!

RYAN: Lots of Fuzzles !end

Marke_P: Interns, Vykkers, rats

Scott: NACOS! !end

RYAN: lookie orange !end

Abe_Babe: [Grid] what would a Slig prefer freedom or pants?

Scott: pants. !end

Marke_P: I don’t wanna change my pants

ALF: But will I still be in the movies???

RYAN: yea !end

oh you be all up in there

Matt: Yes…Alf…I built your Top Knot!

ALF: Good. that way I don’t have to get a new job. !end

Sydney: [Silversnow] Is Alf going to have a appearance in MO?


Yes, he will be with Abe in a few shots

Marke_P: Alf’s sportin’ a new hairstyle in this game

RYAN: its very sheik !end

MAURICIO: He helps him get the guts to jump into a whole new adventure…

ALF: Thank you. I was getting tired of my old one. !end

Marke_P: Ryan is 20

RYAN: and a day or two !end

Marke_P: I like Ryan

Matt: Don’t kick the baby!

RYAN: Marke is 63

Abe_Babe: [Cyberfleech] Will Fleeches be in MO, and if so, will they be in FMVs?

Marke_P: no Fleeches

MAURICIO: so far…

I ate a bug!!!

Marke_P: well, at least no Fleeches in the FMV

Marke_P: so far



Marke_P: !end

eee… beans!

John types fast

Abe_Babe: [Guest74220] Hello AbeBabe, this is Pinkhaired Paramite, I wanted to ask, why doesn’t Paramites and Scrabs meet yet?

Abe_Babe : Ignore the part addressed to me!

MAURICIO: they are territorial, they keep avoiding each other

Matt: They would probably hurt each other!


Marke_P: why does mo like beans so much?

Sydney: [Lampion] how much freedom do the CG team have to model and change characters and scenarios designed by the game design team?

MAURICIO: I’m looking for a man that calls himself… Bucho.

Marke_P: what is this freedom of which you speak?

Matt: It’s varies. Sometimes we make changes because the software can’t handle things. But we try to maintain the vision as best we can.

Sydney: [Lampion] freedom to give a personal touch

*** ALF is now known as Cheese

Cheese: Hello, this is cheese. Give all your Bama Pies. !end

RYAN: we each have our own styles of bring a design to life. !end

Matt: We sneak stuff in from time to time…don’t tell Lorne.

Marke_P: we usually have to stick pretty close to all of the production designs unless a change is required

Matt: !end

Cheese: The part where Abe wore a Scottish kilt was all Mo’s idea. !end

Abe_Babe: [SiViG] Are there situations, when one of several FMV’s is chosen, dependant on the player’s actions?

Cheese: Yes, based on your Quarma. !end

Cheese: I, too, ate a bug. !end

Sydney: Hi guys, I am sorry I couldn’t make it. What can you tell us about the Sea Rex? What was it like to design and bring him to life? When can we expect pictures, etc. of this awesome creature?

Sydney: That was from Elum

Matt: He’s been built and can swim around OW eating things smaller than him. But right now I don’t know if he will show up in MO.

Matt: !end

Abe_Babe: [dakkan] Q: What’s the scoop on the create a character mode rumor, I read this in Core. Is it true, if so give us some details

RYAN: Don’t know !end

Cheese: dunno. !end

Abe_Babe: It was something Lorne mentioned apparently … at the press conference after Gamestock

RYAN: We’ll probably read what it is on your website Abe Babe!

Sydney: [Grid] are Sligs herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?

Marke_P: they eat meat

Spamivores. !end

Cheese: JibbaJabbavores. !end

Abe_Babe: [Guest74220] What can u tell us about Rat and Kinto Slaves?

RYAN: !end

Matt: The Rat is my personal favorite. He’s cool lookin’ when he hops around. They have green glowing eyes and are all over OW.

of course he’s your favorite – he’s all you matt!

Matt: They also have just one leg. It was fun to take Farzad’s drawings and build the rat in the computer. Mauricio animated most of the shots

Matt: !end

Sydney: [Lampion] What are the main steps to create a movie sequence?

MAURICIO: first the shot is planned by Lorne and storyboarded by the Prod. Design Dept.

then we add paprika, and bake at 300 for 45 minutes. !end

That’s when we start modeling the sets, characters and props needed foe that shot

RYAN: Then lighting needs to be set up !end

Iain: we start by modeling low-resolution model for the animator – then start modeling the hi-resolution models

john: at the same time the characters are being built, a lo-rez version of the set is built and given to the animators.

john: once the lo-rez set is done, a high-rez version is built and some test-lighting is done.

Matt: I would assume they look at the placement of the sun and moon for time. Or that grumble in the belly.

john: once the test-lighting looks good, we bring in the animators finished work and see how the characters look in the scene.

Matt: !end

Abe_Babe: [Lampion] Can you tell us something about the underwater scenes?

Cheese: They truly are, indeed, underwater.

I think the underwater shots look awesome – nice work boys


You will see some Gabbits each a worry fish!

Yes folks, a real live Worry Fish.

Matt: errr….eat


MAURICIO: Worry Fish is also known as scoots.

Abe_Babe: Another new creature! 🙂

Cheese: yes, they is.

Sydney: [Necro_Master1] Why are they called Worry Fish?

Matt: They are like squid but look worried.

they are worried that they’ll get eaten by Gabbits

Cheese: They are high-strung and drink espresso.

Matt: Yeah… 1 in 36 don’t make it to maturity

Matt: !end

Cheese: Like the CG department.

Abe_Babe: Before we finish up tonight… I have been requested to ask who is best at San Francisco Rush?

Marke_P: me me me



Marke_P: just definitely not Mauricio

Matt: Unfortunately Ryan…master of the beats

Cheese: Here come the Nacomobile!


We will probably have a match right after this in the war room.

Abe_Babe: Thank you to everyone at Oddworld for attending the chat tonight… and taking the time to ask fans questions

Sydney: Thank you Oddworld Inhabitants

MAURICIO: Your welcome!