Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee cutscenes – Game Boy Advance version [2003]

Abe: Hiya. My name is Abe! I used to be employee of the year at the old RuptureFarms before I escaped. Now they say I’m the savior of the Mudokons. I dunno – guess somebody’s gotta do it! Heya Munch! How’s my buddy? Munch is a Gabbit and might be the last of his kind. We’re gonna team up to save our brothers from the Glukkons. Let’s go see what the Raisin wants.

The adventure began on that day – – – when Abe and Munch were called to the Elder’s room.

The Almighty Raisin: Stitch Lips and Gadget Top, what took you so long?

Abe: Hiya Raisin!

The Almighty Raisin: Surely you know Break Wind Hill, the sacred Mudokon site. Protected by pure winds, Mudokons used to live here undisturbed. However, the Glukkons recent development of Evenwurst Weenerz Co. is corrupting the protection of the wind, allowing your fellow Mudokons to be captured and enslaved. Liberating the wealth of Fort Glokz, hidden deep within Evenwurst Weenerz Co., will rid this area of the despicable Glukkons.

Abe: Sounds pretty dangerous to me!

The Almighty Raisin: Munch and Abe, you must destroy Evenwurst Weenerz Co. and restore peace to the sacred land.

Abe: Well, I’ve been savior for a while now. I just thought that maybe someone else – – –

The Almighty Raisin: There is no one else. There is only you! Now leave me for I must rest. Zzzzzzzz…

Abe: Almighty Raisin?

The Almighty Raisin: … zzzzzz …

Abe: Hey Munch, can ya wait a minute while I go check things out?

Munch: Sure thing Abe! Now go get ’em!

Glockstar: Report! Construction of the factory continues as planned?

Glukkon Chump: Yes sir. Certainly sir! Everything is a-ok.

Glockstar: Good. If you know what’s good for you, it’ll stay that way. The last batch of treasure is on its way to Fort Glokz now. Once delivered, we’ll have more than enough Moolah to finish construction here at the factory. Say, I trust the Golden Executive Moolah card I gave you earlier is still safe? Guard it well and you’ll get what’s coming to you later..

Glukkon Chump: Sure thing boss! I’ve got the card on me at all times. Someone would have to be pretty crafty to get it off me.

Glockstar: Hmmm… why doesn’t that fill me with confidence? Anyway, my suit is due for a polishing, and I’m running late. Hold on to the card and I’ll get it when I return.

Abe: He must be Glockstar, the head Glukk in these parts. Quick! Zap him before he enters the teleporter! I’ll handle the Glukkon Chump.

Munch: Uh oh. Too late.

Abe: Oh well. We’ll have to catch up with him later. Cover me while I kick some booty! But be careful. If ol’Chumpy has a chance to sound the alarm, we might not make it out of here…

Glukkon Chump: !!

Munch: Ha! Take that you dumb Glukk!

Abe: Ugh, Blech! I hate possessing Glukkons. They always have such a bad taste in their mouths.

Munch: Something fell out of his jacket.

Abe: …a pass card of some kind. Looks important.

Munch: There is a vault over here. Maybe the card fits in the lock? Try it Abe!

Abe: Empty. I suppose it’s all been moved to Fort Glokz.

Munch: !!?

Shaman: Well, if it isn’t my favorite odd couple. It’s about time you two showed up. I was getting bored. Well, now that you have cleared the first of Raisin’s tasks, it’s time to add insult to injury. That card of yours should allow you access to the treasury within Fort Glokz, the only problem is finding a way past the increased security. Don’t expect to just waltz in through the front gate.

Munch: You got a better idea?

Shaman: The ancient spirits whisper of a mystical device hidden within the confines of Break Wind Hill. At least I think that’s what they’re whispering about. Anyway, I suggest you head there.

Abe: So with all your mystic knowledge, and abilities, don’t ya wanna join us?

Shaman: Er, um, I have to cut this short. I’m being summoned by Raisin. Catch ya later Munch and Abe. Remember to search the sacred land…

Munch: It works!

Abe: Whoa, we’re pretty high up. I feel kinda dizzy.

Munch: Next stop, Fort Glokz!

Abe: There it is, Munch. Gee, everyone looks so tiny from up here.

Munch: Oh, Gee. They may look tiny but they’re shooting at us. Watch out!

Abe: I don’t think we’re gonna make it! We’re falling! Abandon ship! .

Munch: AAAaaaaaaiiieee…

Glockstar: You still haven’t captured them? How can one stitch-lipped mud flunky and an oversized excuse for bait be causing so much trouble? Your incompetence knows no bounds. Now listen up. The two fugitives have my G.E.M. card. Without it, we can’t gain access to the Fort Glokz treasury. If this situation continues, my life is ruined, and my ruin will be nothing compared to the hurt I bring down on you. Failure is not an option!

Abe: Well, get a load of that!

Munch: Oooooh!

Abe: Golden eggs! The treasury is filled with them!

Munch: They probably stole them from someone else anyway.

Abe: Let’s get this stuff outta here and go see Raisin.

… Some time later…

The Almighty Raisin: Stitch Lips and Gadget Top. Behold the conquering heroes! With the defeat of the Glukkons and the restoration of the Sacred Land, you have yet again proven that there is still hope for the fate of Oddworld.

Munch: Aw, shucks…

Abe: It was nothin’. Well, nothing more than usual anyway.

The Almighty Raisin: The wealth you liberated will be used to help rescue any natives still held in captivity. There should be just enough left over to fund your next mission. Abe and Munch, you are ordered to – – –

Abe: Another mission?!? It figures…

The Almighty Raisin: Sigh. If you would just let me finish. You are ordered to take a break. We’ll undoubtedly require your talents in the future, but until then, enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!

Abe: A break? I can hardly believe it! Thanks Raisin. I suppose we better get outta here before you change your mind.

The Almighty Raisin: Take it easy you two. Yawn. Now, if you’ll excuse me… ZZZZzzzZZZZ

Munch’s Oddysee

Oddworld Creators

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Sherry McKenna

President/Creative Director
Lorne Lanning

Character Voices

Abe, Munch, Mudokons, Big Bro Sligs, Sligs, Interns
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Vykkers, Mudokons
Michael Bross

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Toyoharu Moriyama

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