Munch’s Oddysee

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Robbed of their proud and ancient legacy by profit-crazy Glukkons, the Mudokons are the slave labor force of RuptureFarms and SoulStorm Brewery. Because there are no animals left to slaughter, these chumps are the flavor or the week. Worker Mudokons are divided into the Employed Worker Class or Freed Worker Class. The Employed Worker Class or Scrub Mudokons are the lowest of the low. These pathetic Mudokons have been forced into slave labor for the Industrialists cleaning Slog poo and making those Vendo machines sparkle. Dressed in traditional slave uniforms, it’s up to Abe to free these Scrubs in Munch’s Oddysee.



Not all Mudokons are enslaved by the Industrialists, but those that live in the wild are a vanishing breed. They don’t take kindly to city-folk. These Natives fight to for the right to roam free on Oddworld. They help you when needed. In Munch’s Oddysee you can transform Native Mudokon into powerful Tomahawkers and Mudarchers. Native Mudokon are proud craftsmen. They once looked very much alike, but once freed, the ancient traditions of body art, tattooing, and symbolic dress gradually seep back into their way of life and sense of fashion.

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In Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee™ Native Mudokons can be transformed into Tomahawkers. More powerful than average Natives, Tomahawkers are trained warriors with big clubs. Made out of bone and adorned with gems, these clubs are used for whacking enemies on the head at close range. Lead Native Mudokons to the Transformation shrine. Use Abe’s stored up Spooce to upgrade to Tomahawkers. Tomahawkers are dressed in warrior paint and feathers. A huge leather glove made of leather and skins helps support the big club.



For long-range attacks, count on the Mudarchers with their SpooceBows to get the job done with lethal precision. Native Mudokons that still run free on Oddworld can be transformed into Mudarchers. Their mighty SpooceBow is crafted from ancient bones tied with leather straps by Mudokon artisans. Adorned with precious gems, these weapons shoot a Spooce energy that’s deadly.



img_main.jpgThis mysterious Mudokon is a Spiritual leader who helps guide Abe and Munch through their adventure. He pops up at key points and gives advice on what’s ahead and for a better understanding of your mission. You can bring him back to repeat his message by stepping into the outer ring of the Shaman Circle.

The Shaman Circle is made up of many spiritual stones. The Shaman has cataracts, feathers, fancy body paint, and an accent like a stand up comic from the Catskills. He’s wise and wisecracking with an endless supply of one-liners. This ageless Shaman reminds Abe and Munch to respect your elders! Listen up before he disappears!