Oddworld’s Inhabitants: Kristin Inman, Marketing Assistant

Oddworld's Inhabitants: Kristin Inman, Marketing Assistant [Hosted by Oddworld.com]

Date: June 2004

Interviewer: Oddworld.com

Interviewee: Kristin Inman

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Kristin Inman, Marketing Assistant img_main_ki

Q: What’s your background?

Kristin Inman: I always wanted to do creative work, but I have a nerdy practical side, too. So when I was living in Tennessee I found a school that offered an associates degree in commercial art, which worked out perfectly for me. After graduating (like, the very next day) I moved to Oklahoma, and got a job doing graphic design at a small advertising agency. After six months the agency closed and I got another job at a non-profit organization where I stayed for the next year and a half as a PR/Marketing assistant. Then it was time to move back to California, and thatÕs when I came to work for Oddworld, and Iove been here ever since!

Q: What’s it like working at Oddworld?

Kristin Inman: Well if you think working at Oddworld is all great and fun and Odd, well dangit, you’re right! Oddworld takes great care of its employees, and I work in the midst of some of the most talented people in their fields. How many people get to say that? It’s awesome! I am always learning new things and being inspired by those around me. They are loyal, and passionate about their work and their ideals. Some of the best friends I have are the people I work with every day! Of course there’s the normal stuff, like deadlines and meetings, but I am a freak and like that stuff too. I am a note-takin’ fool! Plus I have a great view of the saltwater tank and access to the chotchkies in the marketing room!

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Kristin Inman: I spend a lot of time with my family and my pets (I have two dogs and a cat). The beach is one of my favorite places to go. I like making lovely, useless items out of clay, beads, or whatever is around. Also drawing, painting, reading, etc … All of the typical right-brained persons’ activities. I am also a Master of the Retail Arts. Shopping to the layperson ; )

Q: What CD are you currently listening to? What games are you playing?

Kristin Inman: I’m listening to “A Perfect Circle”. This is good writing music for me. I am such a loser when it comes to games! I have an Xbox and a decent pc, and what do I play? “Tetris”. Loser I am! But for a while, “Monkey Ball” and “JSRF” were my guilty pleasures. Do those count?

Q: What does a Marketing Assistant do exactly?

Kristin Inman: Well, the everyday tasks include stuff like research, writing reports, filing, data entry, emailing, ordering, and just generally supporting the Marketing and Creative Services Managers with their tasks. I also work on promotional-type stuff. This is the cool part, because I’m not really on the production staff, but it’s a way for me to get involved with the game and have fun with it. Some examples would be the holiday card text, the trading card text and the company picnic shirts. Everything we do has to have that Oddworld twist, and I take a lot of pride in cramming as much as I can get away with into every project! Oh, and let’s not forget fan relations! I get to work closely with Alf. I maintain his contacts and database information for the fan club, and sometimes help with sending his packages out, opening mail, heaving him back up on the wagon, prepping his morning tea, etc. etc.

Q: Does Alf really read every piece of fan mail?

Kristin Inman: Yeah, pretty much. And he really does answer as many as he possibly can. The fans are so important to all of us, especially Sherry. One of the great things about my job is sharing a mail Alf has received with Sherry. She loves to see these, and it makes me feel really good to see first hand how one person can make a difference.

Q: How is the Fan of the Month determined?

Kristin Inman: Alf throws some Alpha Bits and Spaghetti-O’s into a bowl, chants, and a name floats to the top. As you can imagine, sometimes it comes out pretty garbled, and then we are stuck with no FOM! Nice going Alf!

Q: Do you have any memorable fan stories you can share?

Kristin Inman: Well, my favorite thing that a fan has sent in has to be the song by the band Pugsli. It’s about Abe and it is probably the most comically touching and unique homage to that wacky mud I’ve ever heard. There is a link to it in the “Odd-verse” section in Alf’s Rehab and Tea on our website.

Q: What do you like best about coming to work? What’s the worst part?

Kristin Inman: A wise woman once told me, “We don’t do normal here.” I think that’s the best part. Even if I know what I am going to do at the beginning of the day, the challenge to myself is to do it in an odd way. The worst part is staring at a blank page … but somehow I manage to keep filling them!

Q: If you could change jobs with one of the other Inhabitants who would it be and why?

Kristin Inman: I guess I would trade places with one of the animators. I wonder what it’s like, creating something with motion. I think turning a two dimensional concept into a moving creature or environment must be exhilarating! Plus they seem to have a lot of fun … I hear many strange noises coming from that vicinity.

Q: Who is your favorite Oddworld character?

Kristin Inman: It has to be Alf. I can always relate to his sense of humor and his good taste in accessories. Of the non-heroes, I love the Three Weirdos. I don’t know why. They are just really weird and I love them.

Q: Can you tell us anything about the new game or what you are working on right now?

Kristin Inman: I actually got to play a little bit of the game, which for me is really cool. It was so fun, and I love that there are visuals and characters that I can totally relate to! Some of the personalities are so annoying, and some of them are real punk-arses! There are parts of dialogue that I’ve heard over and over again and they still make me laugh … I love it! One thing I am working on right now is describing some of these characters for marketing reference and possibly for more trading cards. I can’t wait to tell everyone about this game!

Q: Any advice for girls trying to break into the game industry?

Kristin Inman: Well, a former receptionist once told me to be the best at what you do … that seems like pretty good advice : )