Oddworld’s Inhabitants: Scott Easley, Senior CG Animator

Oddworld's Inhabitants: Scott Easley, Senior CG Animator [Hosted by Oddworld.com]

Date: 1 March, 2001

Interviewer: Oddworld.com

Interviewee: Scott Easley

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It’s sometimes difficult to tell who is more animated — Senior CG Animator Scott Easley, or the brilliant figures he’s helped bring to life in every Oddworld game. Scott is one of the original Oddworlders, so he certainly knows where the bodies are buried … see if he spills any forbidden corporate secrets as our intrepid reporters grill him in this month’s interview.

Oddworld’s Inhabitants are as diverse as the world they’ve worked together to create. Here’s where you’ll find interviews and other informative articles spotlighting the many creative folk that work at Oddworld Inhabitants. Be they headline players or behind-the-scenes heroes, the Inhabitants profiled here all share Oddworld’s ceaseless dedication to bringing you the best worlds and games that you’ve ever experienced.

Scott Easley, Senior CG Animator

Scott has honed his computer animation skills by working for Wavefront, Josten’s Learning, Mediashare, and Sony. Scott’s awards include two Emmies and a Telly for a local commercial that he wrote, animated, and produced. He has studied art in Europe, published a book of his cartoons, and created the first full-CG poster of Iron Man for Marvel Comics. Scott’s extensive animation experience helps breathe life into Oddworld’s many and varied characters. Independent investigation has led Scott to conclude that the pumpkin is actually a large berry.

Q: What’s your background (education, jobs)?

Scott Easley: I am an English Major from University of California at Santa Barbara, and have worked in CG for eight years now at various companies.

Q: Who are your biggest influences? Why?

Scott Easley: Chuck Jones, John Kricfalusi, animation-wise.

Mom and Dad, existence-wise.

Q: As one of the first Inhabitants, do you have any stories from the early days of Oddworld you could share?

Scott Easley: The original eight were very much like a family — we tended to all hang out together and have dinner, lunch, etc. The size of a company just starting out was also amusing — four of us would be out at coffee and we realized that we WERE the entire CG team, out at coffee.

Q: What kind of a place is the Oddworld Studio?

Scott Easley: Large. We’ve grown to fit the entire floor of a building we once only could fill up a corner of. The design of the place itself — the layout and interiors — have some crazy angles not usually expected in a work environment. Open girders, gently sloping walls, open wiring suspended by an overhead steel mesh. Post-apocalyptic nuttiness. You can tell that some time and effort was given to make it a visually interesting place to work. I get a lot of comments on how ‘cool’ the place looks when I give tours. The workplace of Dr. Caligari.

Q: What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Scott Easley: Sleep, and lots of it. Actually, being in a smaller town allows you to detox from the workweek pretty well — no real traffic to speak of, not a lot of crowds. Just chillin’.

Q: List your top 5 favorite movies and/or books?

Scott Easley: I have no real favorites, but here’s some:

The Long Good-bye

The Matrix
The Usual Suspects
Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead

Q: Where do you see Oddworld in 10 years?

Scott Easley: Probably through bifocals.

Q: What do you like best about coming to work? What’s the worst part?

Scott Easley: The best part is finishing off a project that has taken weeks. There’s a thrill there like completing a marathon. Sometimes, the worst part is getting through a work ‘slump’, when the software and other things seem to unanimously conspire against you.

Q: Is it true you can’t eat junk food and still be an Inhabitant?

Scott Easley: Yes. If you eat junk food here, then you grow really big and blue, and Willy Wonka pushes you out the window with a stick. It’s horrible.

Q: If you could change jobs with one of the other Inhabitants who would it be and why?

Scott Easley: Lorne. Because then I could command Giant Robot Monster and finally take back the city from Crime Lord X.

Q: What is the longest “day” you’ve ever spent at Oddworld?

Scott Easley: Oy — There have been more than just one 24-hour days, take your pick.

Q: How do you feel about Munch’s move to the Xbox?

Scott Easley: If the glove fits …

Q: What at Oddworld are you most proud of?

Scott Easley: Games that apparently seem to entertain, educate and amuse the world over. It’s almost surreal, because where Oddworld is located is in such a quiet town, you don’t really get to see the impact you make. Walking into a video game store in Scotland or Italy and having the people inside thrilled they’ve met someone from Oddworld is quite an eye-opener.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be an animator?

Scott Easley: Study motion constantly. Keep improving. Also, nothing will train you like actually being on a job as an animator, so decide which company you want to work for, and then do what it takes to make it happen.

Q: Who is your favorite Oddworld character and why?

Scott Easley: Abe. He’s thilly.