Official Australian PlayStation Magazine: Greetings from Oddworld [2000]

Date: April 2000

Source: Official Australian PlayStation Magazine, Issue 33, p. 26

Greetings from Oddworld

PSM catches up with the Odd Bods

The next chapter in the Oddworld series is taking shape and it promises to be a dazzling adventure like no other. PSM recently caught up with Munch’s Oddysee developers Oddworld Inhabitants and grabbed new screenshots of one of the PlayStation2’s most anticipated and innovative titles.

According to Oddworld President, Lorne Lanning, the game’s hero munch is an entirely different type of creature that will be able to perform all manner of strange moves. “With the Dual Shock controller being packed into the box with the PS2, we can now do things that you couldn’t do with a normal controller. But as to how we are taking advantage of it, we’re not letting that out yet. I can tell you that Munch is a Gabbit and that Gabbits are amphibious creatures. He only has one leg, so when he’s on land, he hops. Put him in the water and he swims like a fish. He has a tongue like a frog and has jaws like a ‘gator. He has an interface port implanted into his head, compliments of two surgery-happy Vykkers scientists. He uses this skull port to jack into technology and remotely control robotic devices. Just as Abe possesses living creatures, Munch possesses mechanical devices. He uses his tongue like a flute for GameSpeak, and he’s all about rescuing animals from traps, setting them free, then leading them to places where he can nurture them into bigger and better things that he can then use to his greater advantage.”

The hero of Abe’s Oddysee and Exoddus will also star in the game. Munch has a “co-dependent relationship” with Abe, according to Lanning. “Munch needs someone to believe in him. He’s like a UFO abductee who returned and no one believes him. Abe will act like he believes Munch’s story, even though he doesn’t, so long as he can manipulate Munch to help him out and rescue the Mudokon mom. Also, Munch begins the game in a wheelchair until you get him healed, so in the beginning his abilities are fun but limited, and he’ll need the help of Abe. The dysfunctional relationship that they share helps them become stronger and more compassionate.”