Official Oddworld Discord Q&A [2018]

Date: 28/08/2018

Source: Official Oddworld Discord (subchannel:"soulstorm")

Q: How will you handle your muds? I mean controlling 300 sounds really hard unless there is a twist.

Alex Carroll: We wouldn’t make it hard. If there are that many on screen at once (and in some cases there are) then Abe’s control over them is slightly different. We’ve refined Abe’s Gamespeak considerably.

Q: I heard rumors about the possession working like it did in MO. Can you comment on this?

Alex Carroll: Yeah, I think so. Possession is much more interesting in Soulstorm. It’s not quite like Munch, but we give way more control over it.

Q: Well, as long as it’s the old swirly blue orbs—and preferably no mandala—I’m satisfied.

Alex Carroll: It’s not, but I think you’ll dig it.

Q: Will there be backtracking? Until now all Abe games followed the same route: Abe goes in; Abe saves Muds (or doesn’t :fear: ); Abe goes out; place goes kaboom.

Alex Carroll: I can say our levels are way more interesting.

Q: What about emotions? Will they still be in the game?
Q: Are Fleeches present?

Alex Carroll: No comment on emotions. No comment on fleeches.

Q: Will Sligs be scary?

Alex Carroll: Sligs have evolved hugely. I think you’ll be surprised.

Q: On the first ARG picture we saw a few Glukkons, but they looked like the old variants. Does this mean that the major Glukkons look differently, while the unnamed ones look the same, or were they just placeholder models?

Alex Carroll: Yeah, placeholder.

Q: Also, will there be any music from Exoddus, remixed or otherwise?

Alex Carroll: Pretty sure the music is all new.