Official Oddworld Q&A 2 [2018]

Date: 17/12/2018

Source: Official Oddworld Discord (subchannel:"general_oddworld")

Alex Carroll: Anyone got any questions for the next 15 mins or so?

Q: Your favorite villain from AO/AE?

Alex Carroll: Favourite enemy type? the sligs. Or favourite main character? in which case, got to be mullock. Or his mate molluck. It’s early.

Q: What do you think of the idea of Glukkons with hands, as presented by the most dedicated Blacksoulstorm:,h_536,q_80,strp/oddworld_creatures_in_spore_by_blacksoulstorm_d6a6mzi-fullview.jpg ?

Alex Carroll: I have no thoughts on that. It’s scary. What even is that?

Q: Spore.

Alex Carroll: Ah it’s got that 90’s flat lighting going on. Anything else? Any burning questions?

Q: AO Slig visor or AE Slig visor and why?

Q: What convinced you to work at OWI?

Alex Carroll: The one with the individual eyes. I don’t technically work /at/ OWI, i work for a small company that’s contracted /to/ OWI. But I originally worked for JAW though.

Q: B2B?

Alex Carroll: Yeah.

Q: So who’s OWI right now?

Alex Carroll: The actual core? There’s Lorne, Sherry, couple of admin staff. There’s others that work in the studio but I don’t know their technical status. I should state that just because I’m working on OWI stuff, doesn’t mean everyone at this company is, if that makes sense.

Q: Okay, another game question: is there anything in the original story you absolutely detested and would have changed without any second thoughts?

Alex Carroll: In AO?

Q: Or this in a less dramatical way. AO AE. Not Munch because that’s already a lore mess.

Alex Carroll: I don’t think so, not really. Maybe the controls (Triangle to jump?) but other than that, nothing that springs to mind. Oh you mean story. Then no, not really.

Q: Huh. Alright. Most memorable cutscene? If you want different questions do direct us what topic to ask about.

Alex Carroll: Scrabania intro in NnT, as that was the first one I saw (and I think, was the first to get worked on).

Q: And do you like Scrabania better too?

Alex Carroll: As a level? No, I massively prefer Paramonia. It’s better to play, looks better… during testing and demos I’d always steer players to Paramonia first when they got to Monsaic. I remember sneakily showing some people Paramonia during E3 2014 when Lorne wasn’t looking. (the demo was meant to end at the end of RuptureFarms).

Q: Thoughts on UE4?

Alex Carroll: Only ever used it to mess around with a year or so back. I much prefer Unity.

Q: Do you do anything audio related with Oddworld games? As in: receive raw voice lines and put fx on them.

Alex Carroll: I think it was during E3, maybe 2016 (?) when I had an hour or two spare in my hotel room, and maybe they’d just made the engine free? I can’t really remember. Ended up with a quick FPS prototype after an hour or so, it’s super quick to prototype. Me? no, nothing to do with audio.

Q: Will SS build onto lore that was only discussed in interviews? (Molluck’s trial, Nolybab, etc.)

Alex Carroll: SS will definitely cover a lot of new lore. I don’t think it’d be smart to talk about /what/ exactly yet though. But what I’ve seen so far is super cool. Yeah there’s no grid as such in SS. It’s a fully analog game, there’s literally no need to have abe snap to preset points (in fact, it wouldn’t work at all).

Q: Will the blind guy be able to play through SS?

Alex Carroll: I hope so.

Q: You know there was a person who finished AE(?) despite not seeing?

Q: I don’t really think a blind person could get past UXBs in NnT.

Alex Carroll: Yes. I think he did. I seem to remember a blog post on it although yes – they weren’t the best mechanic in NnT.

Q: Do we get to learn how the blind guy truly died? Part of me feels like it was that Abe guy fault.

Alex Carroll: It totally was. Anything about Soulstorm before I sign off and do some work?

Q: Well, what can you tell us about it?

Alex Carroll: Depends on the questions, I guess.

Q: Do you think that the game is coming out nicely as expected?

Alex Carroll: Yes, I do, if you mean ‘coming along’ nicely. We’re having fun playing with the possibilities that our engine now offers.

Q: How do you expect the reaction from the community to be like towards it?

Alex Carroll: Haha, I’m not sure yet – I hope everyone likes what we’re doing. Soulstorm is easily the most open Oddworld game in terms of player agency, I’d say.

Q: The mechanics displayed on previous presentations (like the crafting mechanics and “currency”), are they working well within the game or have there been some modifications?

Alex Carroll: Well, naturally things are adjusting as they need to. That’s always the case with games still in dev. The UI looks different, of course (it’s one of the things I’m working on) but the premise is still the same.